Monthly Archives: January 2011

Fabulous and Fun Wedding Show

I had such a good time with other Wedding Vendors at Willows Lodge yesterday for Weddings in Woodinville – a showcase of dedicated vendors where Bridal Parties are shuttled from venue to venue by Butler Valet. Couples sip, nibble treats and meet the hard working “behind the scenes” vendors that make the event look seamless.

Here is my cozy station at Willows Lodge, where Jenn Wenman hosted a gracious event.  I met so many Brides, Grooms and their supportive  families and friends – and everyone seemed to be having such a great time!

I really enjoyed getting to work with  Eric from Hybrid Moon Video ( , Jennifer with Creative (inspired invites and paper creations), Tanya Stone with her romantic floral arrangements (Elements in Bloom) and Laura Marchbanks talented wedding photographer.  Special thanks to Jen Taylor from Taylor’d Events who helped pull us all together for the day!

Knee Deep In Love

Such a good time was had last night!

Us foodies indulged in stories of sweet courtship, tasty treats, wedding themes and schemes – and a good amount of laughter.  It won’t be long and we’ll be at the rehearsal.  Because Karen and Dave have been so organized, the rest of our journey will be calm.

Aren’t they just so cute???

Harbinger of Spring

That’s what tulips are…a harbinger of what is to come!

Many thanks to my darling clients, Karen and Dave for this BEAUTIFUL bouquet.

Confession:  my favorite color is pink…and I am so enjoying these…thank you Karen and Dave!  It was wonderful having you for dinner last night.  I am excited to spend my birthday with you both, doing what I love most – performing a wedding!

Black and White and Touches of Robin’s Egg Blue

As you must realize, I love creative uses of paper.

This collection came from a wedding that took place in December at SODO Park.  A “WOW” event in every way.  The  duplexed program was nested in a heavy stock, gray wrap with accordion scoring.  The die-cut details of the tags, envelopes and embellishments  were so whimsical.  Black  and blue ribbon pulled it all together.  I love that the table seating envelopes were hung from trees at the entry to the wedding.  It became a great interactive guest activity to find our envelopes.

Apple Tatin

My newest version of the French classic,  Apple Tatin.  I keep tweaking Julia’s recipe for this upside down pie.  Last night I used my new oval baking pan with a drop bottom.  (A gift from my sister… thank you!)  I made the caramel sauce thicker and the technique of flipping the darn thing hot out of the oven, much easier!  Fifty attempts and I may have something here!  My clients Karen and Dave loved it.

Keri and Chris and the Barn

Pickering Barn was a great choice of venue for Chris and Keri.  Their families and friends braved the VERY stormy weather – but it was worth enduring the elements.  The 150 guests were rewarded with twinkle lights, SIX charming groomsmen to welcome them, a friendly family and LOTS of enthusiastic guests.   Great job Keri!!!

“Thank you so much for the lovely wedding ceremony on Saturday.  So many guests came up to me and told me how personal and intimate the ceremony felt to them.  You are wonderful!    ~Keri”

Twirler, Kenna.  So cute!

Inspired Message…

A dear friend, a seasoned artist and an inspired poet.  Paula Arndt sprinkles her whimsical original art  with charming prose and sweetens my every season with her creativity.  When an envelope arrives in the post from Paula, it is always thick with layers of paper and ribbon and extra postage.  And one must take time and care when opening the envelope – for it too is a gift.  Confession:  I have a special box that keeps her treasures so that I may admire them again and again.  Here is a sample from New Years past.  It must be shared!