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Laura and Richard

In a Word – Stunning!!!

It was such a light-hearted, jovial group.  Sweet grandparents, gracious Moms and Dads, stellar wedding party.  Jim Garner Photography captured this cuddle with his usual flair.  And Edit One Media was on hand at Hotel 1000 to “blend” well and document the festivities.  Kevin Bradford, florist and designer, added bling to everything!  And we didn’t start until the candles were glowing at dusk.    From Laura’s mother just this morning:

Good Morning Reverand Mary,
I can’t thank you enough. The ceremony was beautiful. YOU did a fantastic job!
The weekend was magical. Thank you again for contributing in such a meaningful way and sharing in such a special day with our family.
Love, gratitude and blessings to you.

Hanna and Frank

Sunday Night Dinner!  A great way to start the week as we ate a yummy homemade meal and chatted about Hanna’s family that will be traveling all the way from Australia to join us for their wedding in August.  The vision is this:  Sunshine, relaxed atmosphere, easy timeline, lots of laughter and some quiet time scheduled in for just the two of them right after the service.  It sounds just perfect!  And thanks you two for the beautiful pink Heather plant for my garden.  I think of you every time I look at it.

Not your average bride…

Catherine is exceptional.  That is why 16 lovely ladies, (and one fabulous man) gathered on Saturday evening to celebrate her happiness with “An Evening of Romance”.  She will be married in May to a Prince of a Man.  They say that your true friends not only support you during your challenges – but celebrate your victories.  Catherine has an amazing group of fun, loyal and supportive “sisters” and it was an honor to host them!

Busy, busy, busy

Here “Nancy” and Jon are quite busy preparing for Catherine’s “Evening of Romance”.  The layers of decor were overwhelming!  John is placing orchids amongst sterling sea shells in a center bowl!

My “romantic” menu included such homemade goodies as Julia Child’s Boeuf Bourguignon, Hand-cut Taragon Pasta, Hand Squeezed Lemon Thyme Salad Dressing, Fresh Sourdough French Garlic Bread.  Yummy. Dessert menu is below!  Notice Jon’s small Tussy Mussy bouquets a on the coral table runner.  Whimsical and oh so charming!

Jon Robert Throne

Creative Director of Countrywide Floral in Issaquah   (Wedding and Event Specialist)

I just have to brag here.  Jon is fun, sublime, out-of-the-box creative.  He is enthusiastic, supportive and is such a treat to be around.  We had such a jolly time preparing for a shower for our mutual friend Catherine.  Check him out:


This is where we held the dinner.  We dined on china from the 1800’s, Tiffany flatware and gold-rimmed Waterford.  Our theme of “An Evening of Romance” seemed to take on a life of its own.  Notice the flowers in the Tussy Mussy holders.  Jon Robert Throne was our muse as he embellished our little gathering with his amazing talents and inspiration.  Rosemary, Lily of the Valley, tiny pine cones… each one more exquisite than the last.  Notice the splash of bright color in the centerpieces.

Dessert Buffet

What a sweet feast!  Notice the glazed miniature wedding cakes, the fresh squeezed lemon curd tartlets with a cookie crust, topped with a black berry and mint leaf and the caramelized apple crisps with fresh whipped cream.  My sister donated the homemade orange sugar cookies dipped in chocolate, the poppy seed cupcakes and the pinwheel ginger cookies.  Needless to say – no leftovers!!!

The Details…

The Edgewater is such a part of Seattle’s waterfront and a great place to show out-of-town guests the islands to the west.   Truly a day of details…from the itineraries to the place cards! It all paid off with the family gathering long before the curtain call to laugh, chat and share their favorite stories of the bride and groom.  As life-long friends greeted and seated, the warmth became contagious.   These families had waited many years for this day… and the details were flawless!

Irish Feast

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day.   For some of us it means that we have been boiling corned beef all day (that will be baked with a brown sugar/mustard glaze tomorrow).  We have been stockpiling dark raisins and caraway seeds that will be soaked in buttermilk for the most decadent bread on earth:  Irish Soda bread.  I will bring out my Mother’s treasured Belleek china pieces, set out my dear Waterford crystal, and I will play my sentimental  Irish music.  But the most important part of tomorrow is that my other Mother and a very DEAR sister (confession they are in-laws but I have claimed them as my own) will arrive after a long journey to partake in their very first Irish Feast.  Pictured:  Strawberry Pear Crisp.

Life After College…

It was not only a wedding but a college reunion.  Some years have transpired, but that didn’t inhibit the fun and frolic.  Karen and Ryan have history and as Divinity and Destiny would have it, they now have each other… not only as dear and old friends – but as husband and wife.  Their story is classic, filled with loyalty, long distance communication and many supportive conspirators nudging them back to where they belong.  As we all know: it was meant to be!  Photo by Niki Desautels