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Buddhist Prayer Flags

These are wedding wishes sent to the groom from his long distance friends.  The bride, Shannon, wanted to have each of these dear friends represented at her wedding as a surprise to her groom, Chris.  It was not only heartening to read their individual messages – it was colorful and whimsical to watch as they danced in the breeze.  The bride took it a step further by having the guests sign additional flags with well wishes, instead of the traditional guest book!

It’s the Little Touches…

And my bride, Shannon, was all about sweet surprises and the little thoughtful touches that made her day DIVINE!  She really couldn’t take credit on Saturday for the abundance of the sunshine that blessed her day, but hopefully she will take a bow for the secret celtic music (that she hired to surprise her soon-to- be husband, Chris), the Oh! Chocolate party favors, and her calm demeanor as she watched it all roll out flawlessly.  It must be said that Shannon took care of all of these details from Florida!  My personal favorite “touch” was the Buddhist Prayer Flags that Shannon had sent to all of Chris’ long distance friends that were unable to attend in person – but sent their good wishes along on fabric to grace the ceremony site.  And so many thanks to her dear friend Mary, our hostess, that generously opened up her charming private residence in West Seattle.  On hand to capture the bright occasion:  darling Jennifer Perry from True Light Photography and hard working Jeremy from Endless love Productions. There is only one sound that describes the quaintness of a day like Saturday:  “Ahhhhhhhh” !

Two Wonderful Families

Every wedding has its remarkable attributes.  This warm gathering blended two families that were exceptional.  Both sets of parents have devoted and loving relationships with a combined married life of over 65 years!  Such a foundation for Christopher and Erica.  From Erica’s Mama, just yesterday:

Dear Rev. Mary, Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony for Erica and Chris.  They had nothing but wonderful things to say about you from the moment they first met you!  You are easy to talk to, warm loving and professional.  You were wonderful!  Thank You!  Love Nancy and Wes

I truly believe that all of these things are true of Nancy, as well.  Erica and Chris – you told me how fabulous your families are at our lunch meeting.  I am so honored to have shared those two days with them.  You are BLESSED!  (Photo of me with Erica and Christopher by charming photographer Jean-Marcus Strole.)

Why Weddings Renew Faith

Amen!  Of course they are talking about the upcoming royal wedding.  But it does pose the question:  Just why do we all savor this ancient ritual of weddings -regardless of the size and style of it?   Is it because weddings allow us to dust off our own personal covenants?  Or the fact that joy will not tolerate being contained?  I say “Yes” to both and offer this as well:  Often within the couple’s vows we find words of great faith, courage, trust and mutual support.  Words of confidence, conviction – pure optimism that speaks to us all in a soulful way and regardless of how many times we have heard these promises, it refreshes our own personal life’s creed in going forward with HOPE.


I just came across another photo of Brynn at The Seattle Golf Club and it is so worth sharing!  This click was made by the talented Nicole Goddard and encapsulates this day for all time.  It was truly unforgettable!

Right From the Start

For this dedicated couple, it felt “just right” from the very beginning of their relationship.  And life has served up some interesting challenges already… proving Merrill and Dorian are equal to future tasks.  Not only are they an amazing team – but they adore one another’s family!  It was Merrill’s twin sister, Lindsey, (previous “Wedding Angel” from Bell Harbor) that introduced us.  What a fun reunion to see Lindsey again, as she will be our “MOH”!  It will be a stupendous event at the Tacoma Country Club in July – I can’t wait!  They were great sports as I am testing my second version of a new recipe:  Turkey Picadillo with homemade Sofrito Sauce on Quinoa.  Not only healthy but yummy – three thumbs up!

The Bounty of Spring!

When Erica contacted me shortly before her wedding with an inspired ceremony idea – we both went to work!  She had been on the Seattle Bride Magazine website and found  a “new” tradition.  Move over Unity Candle Lighting and Sand Ceremony – and let’s welcome the Tree Planting Ceremony!  When guests arrived last Saturday to charming Hidden Meadows they were asked to scoop rich soil into a beautiful pot containing a small tree.  When I wrote the  new version of the ceremony it only seemed fitting to mention that the roots represented the foundation of the couple – their friends and family.  The water symbolized the nutrients; the faith of the couple.  When Erica and Christopher poured their individual vials of water in the soil, it encompassed us all – as everyone in attendance had participated.  Bravo!   Check out Seattle Bride’s website steeped with other brilliant ideas: 

Capturing the excitement:  Jean-Marcus Strole (photography).  And with Jean-Marcus, EVERYTHING is an opportunity for creative expression.  If I need a dose of cool, I just visit his website.

My Personal Techie

Meet my darling niece, Adeline Larson, my chief technical support.  This one knows more about the world of Macs than most of us.  Adele attends Eagle Hill School in Harwick, MA (or the middle of Nowhere).  Her creative bent has her currently taking classes in web design and she is amazingly artistic both with old school drawing and digital.  Adeline intends to feature her designs and drawings on her new self-designed web site.  Thanks for all your help today my dearest Adella Bella!

Russ and Rolo

Russell and Brynn were married last July at Seattle Golf Club – follow this link to see some of their photos featured on the club’s website.  I just received a little update about their recent move, their new jobs, and most importantly – their new family member “Rolo”, a rescued pup.  The adventure has begun!!!

Staying in touch with my darling couples is one of the most rewarding things I do as a minister!

The Cultural Cocktail!

When Rachel and Dmitriy first contacted me last November about their Filipino-Christian/Russian-Jewish wedding I was delighted!  Such rich cultures coming together with the deepest respect and joy.  A  heavenly match indeed.  As Dmitriy is finishing up his first year MBA program at the U of W, Rachel is dedicated to her day job, planning the many details of this wedding and her on-going love of culinary creations.  We gathered Monday night to partake in my comfort style of food, a walk down memory lane, and iron out lots of the sweet details for their big day.  So looking forward to standing under the Chuppah with them in June!