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Irina and Erin

Do you remember the wedding scene from the movie “The Princess Bride“???  The minister cannot pronounce his “Rs” and it is truly a classic clip that makes us all smile when we remember it.  Erin and Irina lifted those words from the movie for their wedding invitation:  “Marriage, that blessed arrangement, that dream within a dream, is what brings us together…”

And when you read this without the “Rs” it just has to make you grin.  Like me, last week, during our dinner.  By the time Irina and Erin left my face hurt.  Something tells me that more fun is on the menu for their wedding aboard the MV Skansonia in July!

Poshy Posh

On Sunday evening a large number of guests gathered at the Four Seasons Hotel, most of them sharing their challenges of traveling after flights all over the country were canceled.  But their determination to attend Christine and Jennifer’s wedding remained steadfast.  In fact, the world and all of its complications seemed to melt away as we we settled into the divine atmosphere of pure joy and merriment.  It has been such an honor working with these two!

Baby Audrey Louise – Welcome!

Meet Baby Audrey – who is a very blessed baby to have Carter and Lisanna as parents.  I performed Audrey’s parent’s wedding on July 29, 2006 at Gasworks Park.  I will NEVER forget the day I met them and they asked if I would do a “SURPRISE WEDDING”.  What is a surprise wedding?  It is when the Bride and Groom tell everyone to join them for a casual breakfast to celebrate their engagement.  Then the Wedding Couple gets dressed up (in traditional gown and tux) early in the morning and waits in a limo in the parking lot – a limo fitted with black windows – to watch all of their guests arrive!  It is when all the guests are escorted into an area of a Gasworks Park that has a flower-draped arch, white chairs and Rev. Mary all ready to go!  I remember pinning the father’s boutineers onto their fleece vests and the shock on their faces.  And we called the “surprise” Bridal Party to stand up front, one by one! Carter and Lisanna just didn’t want the fuss of a big, complicated wedding.  And all of their friends and family were such good sports.  And they REALLY did go for breakfast afterwards!  Baby Audrey – I think that you are going to have a marvelous adventure – with lots of surprises!!!

Christine and Jennifer

Our planning has been done these past many months via Skype and emails.  But finally I was able to enjoy REAL face time with these two beautiful ladies over lunch.  Since Jennifer had excelled in Excel – we could take a deep breath and savor our meal of fresh tarragon pasta with Roasted Red Pepper Chicken Alfredo with Apple Caramel Tatin for desert.  Over 100 guests will be joining us at the Four Season’s Hotel for their lavish wedding festivities.  Always such a treat to pair up with Gerald Lim where know we will be pampered and spoiled!

A Gift From Laura’s Mother

A thousand paper cranes are traditionally given as a wedding gift by the folder, who is wishing a thousand years of happiness and prosperity upon the couple.

Rows and rows of delightful origami birds twirled as they watched over the proceedings of Laura and Alex’s wedding from the big glass windows of The Norcliffe Founders Room at Benaroya Hall.  Such a lovely way to honor the Japanese Heritage that so enriches Laura’s life!

Alex and Laura

They treated their guests to a festive night of music and magic at Benaroya Hall.  Their two families have known each other since the Bride and Groom were in high school. So many things to celebrate… Laura just passed the California State MD Boards and Alex excelled in dentistry.  How they were able to organize and ace this wedding had us all baffled.  The joy was thick, the laughter plentiful, the friendships extensive, the diversity delightful.  It will be so much fun to watch these two in the future – we will not be bored!

Table Scape

When Laura and Alex came for lunch (check out the “Before” and “After” posts) Laura was so excited about her flowers, well, really she was elated about the succulents!  She loved the idea of giving small potted plants to all the guests.  The tables looked enchanting with the tiny pots peppered about!  The rocks, twigs and flowers all played in harmony.  Notice the Table Number “2” with the background musical notes – so perfect for Benaroya Hall!


My sister recently gave me a new pasta maker and a drying stand.  I am a bit “old school” about cooking and gadgets – and pasta is something that is sacred. This huge metal monster only came with a recipe for pasta that resembled glue from my childhood!
Let it be said:  There is NOTHING quite like fresh semolina textured pasta – ideally spiked with tarragon, gray sea salt, loaded with lots of eggs and of course, olive oil.   Would this appliance play with me?

Becoming friends is taking time.

First of all,  it fits under my 12″ open appliance garage in the prep area of my kitchen.  (Be still my heart.)  I left it there, untouched, for several days.  Then my good friend (from first grade!) Kathy came to town and that was when I gathered courage and we took it for a spin.  Four batches later, I am still not in love, but I may have a crush!  Photo: Favorite rustic pasta (adapted) recipe from Michael Chiarello’s “Bottega” Cookbook with my new machine in background.

Keith and Stacy

There is NOTHING typical about these two!  We enjoyed an evening that toggled from laughter to organizing and back to laughter.  Maybe it is the fact that Stacy and Keith have chosen, as their wedding venue, the Big Picture Movie Theater, that has motivated their creativity.  Perhaps this is just the culmination of putting these two fun personalities together.   Regardless, I think all of their guests are in for an evening of levity!

Brock and Emily

“Double Happiness” is their theme for a Japanese, outdoor wedding planned at Kubota Garden.  We met for lunch recently to take some time for relaxation, homemade Potato Leek Soup and Panini Sandwiches.  Theirs is a story of a good friend determined to be a matchmaker!  Thank heavens!  The details are set and we’re hoping for sunshine and, of course… “Double Happiness!

Looking forward to seeing the dynamic team of Richard and Melinda from D’Arco Photo Impressions – a great video company!