Baby Audrey Louise – Welcome!

Meet Baby Audrey – who is a very blessed baby to have Carter and Lisanna as parents.  I performed Audrey’s parent’s wedding on July 29, 2006 at Gasworks Park.  I will NEVER forget the day I met them and they asked if I would do a “SURPRISE WEDDING”.  What is a surprise wedding?  It is when the Bride and Groom tell everyone to join them for a casual breakfast to celebrate their engagement.  Then the Wedding Couple gets dressed up (in traditional gown and tux) early in the morning and waits in a limo in the parking lot – a limo fitted with black windows – to watch all of their guests arrive!  It is when all the guests are escorted into an area of a Gasworks Park that has a flower-draped arch, white chairs and Rev. Mary all ready to go!  I remember pinning the father’s boutineers onto their fleece vests and the shock on their faces.  And we called the “surprise” Bridal Party to stand up front, one by one! Carter and Lisanna just didn’t want the fuss of a big, complicated wedding.  And all of their friends and family were such good sports.  And they REALLY did go for breakfast afterwards!  Baby Audrey – I think that you are going to have a marvelous adventure – with lots of surprises!!!

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