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Sustained Dedication

It came as quite the shock to find out that I had won, for the second year in a row, the Seattle Bride Magazine “Best Officiant/Clergy” award!!!  Such an honor to be named alongside other stellar ministers of this community whom I so admire.  I am beholden to my clients and vendors that voted for me.  The love and continued support of my dear friends and this “family” that we have become, is a most-valued treasure in my life.  Thank you to all.


A Mother’s Heart

It was my great honor to work with Christine and Jennifer this past year on their gracious wedding that took place in late May… these kind words arrived from Christine’s lovely mother a few days after she and her husband hosted the wedding  at the Four Seasons Hotel.  I feel so very blessed to have my life enriched not JUST by my couples – but by their parents as well!  Enjoy Karen’s note:

Dear Mary,

Adron and I would like to thank you for being the Officiant at Christine and Jennifer’s wedding last Sunday.  My, oh my, what a beautiful ceremony it was!  I cannot tell you how many glowing comments we have had from family and friends regarding the lovely words and sincere sentiment you expressed in uniting these two outstanding individuals.  As just one example, I will attach a paragraph from one of our closest friends.  I don’t know if anyone videotaped the service but, if not, is there any way we might obtain your words in printed form?
Thank you for helping to make Sunday evening such a wonderful moment in time for our girls and all those who love them so dearly,
Karen and Adron
(Christine’s parents)

Comment taken from our friend’s email:
The Reverend Calhoun’s words were so informal and so inspiring all at the same time. Even a lifelong bachelor like myself was beginning to feel sentimental and was reminded that I did perhaps miss something. The two are a wonderful couple and so beautiful together.  I wonder whether the words of the reverend’s address have been captured somewhere.

Rachel’s Sweet Words…

“I didn’t anticipate that one of the most difficult parts of planning our wedding was finding our officiant. I am Christian and attend church every Sunday, and my fiance (now husband) is a non-practicing Jew. We first approached 2 pastors then a rabbi about officiating our wedding, and to make a long story short, they all basically discouraged our interfaith marriage and I ended up in tears.

Then I found Rev. Mary Calhoun on, and during our first meeting with her after I described our experience with the other officiants, she said it was ridiculous, that there was no reason our interfaith marriage couldn’t work. And from then on, she’s made both my husband and I feel so loved and confident in our decision to marry.

At first, hiring Mary was a little out of our budget, but actually she deserves so much more! She handled the rehearsal seamlessly, making us feel at ease with what we needed to accomplish on the wedding day. She also made sure I had all the details regarding ceremony seating, the processional, etc., and she had me write up short bios on my “important people” so that she could know them better during the process. She is also handling all of the paperwork for the marriage license.

One of things I loved best about working with Mary is that she got to know us as a couple, and by doing so, we were able to create a ceremony that truly reflected who we were and what vows we were making. As we finalized the ceremony, she also guided us in our decisions on what kind of couple we wanted to be and what we wanted our future marriage to be. Our ceremony didn’t feel impersonal or standard – Mary made sure to get to know us, that we knew each other, that we knew our expectations for the wedding day and our marriage, and all of that together made the ceremony beautiful for us and our guests. Our resulting ceremony was intimate, memorable and touching, and unique to us as a couple.”

To Rachel and Dmitriy:
I loved the diversity we celebrated on your wedding day, your families, your friends, YOUR love    – Mazel Tov!!!


Brad and Coral have accomplished so much of late.  Coral graduated last week from her Masters in nursing, took ONE day off, then started a new job at Children’s Hospital!  When asked how the plans for the wedding were shaping up, the answer was:  “After what we have been through – the wedding is EASY”!  Somehow they found time to polish their wedding plans, finish their bios (with photos!) and bring wine and beautiful flowers for our dinner Monday evening.  We had a memorable time dining on stuffed peppers, fresh garden salad, homemade garlic bread, and apple-caramel tart.  I just can’t wait for their BRUNCH wedding at Lake Union Cafe in August!

Emily and Brock!

Saturday was a time of heavy showers, but that didn’t seem to dampen the spirits of this Bridal Party!  Kubota Garden Terrace in Renton, was the gathering place for friends and family coming together among the tree blossoms and sweet smells of the first week of summer.  Emily had tents draped with her signature purple and white colors.  Brock was his usual steady, calm self throughout the reports of bad traffic and continued wet weather!  After the wedding, they scheduled family photos and then off to a favorite Chinese Restaurant for the reception.  Notice Emily’s father looking at his daughter with such pride!

And Baby Makes Three!

Baby Ryan’s parents, Mark and Terri, are getting married very soon and it is hard to say who among us is most excited.   One of my favorite things about my job is getting to know the parents of my clients.  Mark’s father, Jim and mother, Jeanette, are so sweet and supportive about this quiet, intimate little service that we are planning.   With Gerald Lim, one of my cherished “Wedding Angels” from the Four Seasons Hotel, as a key component, all will run calmly.   We had such a good time sitting Baby Ryan in a clip-on high chair at the table so he could enjoy the pleasant lunch with us!

Napa Fantasy Escape

When my daughter called me on Mother’s Day and asked what blocks of time I had open for an escape, I had no idea what was in store.  Mostly because I don’t have an imagination that encompasses Italian Villas where you can walk to intimate neighborhood wineries.  It is hard for me to conceive of eating at my ultimate dream restaurant:  Michael Chiarello’s Bottega Restaurant in Yountville.  It was a fantasy escape complete with lots of time with my daughter, Hillary, her caring boyfriend Paul and his muse, Will.  My lesson was not easy.  It was a time of receiving, relaxing and renewal.  What an ideal place to become worthy!!!  Thank you for the best week of my life!!!   Photo:  From our courtyard atop Spring Mountain, early hours.