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The Gilding of the Sculpture Park!

The Olympic Sculpture Park was Rhea and Justin’s ideal venue – because that is where they met!  In fact, the photo I snapped of these two just before their wedding is the exact spot of their first “Hello”!   The transformation that Jacky Grotle and her Event Success Team accomplished was  breathtaking.  Miles of fabric draping, white furniture staged for private chats, bistro tables for mingling, romantic lighting, touches of Rhea’s signature soft yellow hues were everywhere  … a metamorphose that impressed all the guests!  My favorite aspect of their wedding was the sentimental details they incorporated in memory of Rhea’s father.  I so respect their dedication to honor ALL of their parents.

From Rhea and Justine :

Justin & I wanted to take a moment before we leave on our honeymoon to thank you for putting together such a wonderful ceremony for us. Justin & I were completely blown away by the readings & truly touched by all that you said. We had so many comments during the reception from people asking how we found such a great officiant.  It was amazing how you remained composed with every distraction that Belltown could throw at you.  We counted a jet, train, ambulance, heckler, fireworks and even some thunder and you still kept your cool and maintained everyone’s attention.  We cherish everything you have done for us.
Justin & Rhea 

A Note From Jill and Marty …

Mary, We wanted to send along a big “THANK You”.  Your attention to our wants and needs for our special day made everything that much more special.  Everyone was impressed with your service and your good natured approach.  You set the mood for our weekend right from the start for Jill and I with our visit to your home.  We cannot thank you enough for all you helped with in getting us through the day.  We hope to stay in touch over the years and look forward to our paths crossing again soon.  Take care and thank you again.

Love, Jill and Marty

A note to J & M… I adored working with you too as well!

Summer Soiree

It was a fine-tuned production blessed by perfect weather and polished by lively guests.  The ceremony was carefully designed with heartfelt touches that included their families and sprinkled with live music. A harp, trumpet, cello, flute, violin and two talented soloists graced the wedding! Three hundred guests gathered to witness the vows of this long-awaited ceremony.   The fabulous entertainment did not end with the service. Humorous and fervent toasts were followed by a surprise Las Vegas entertainer that charmed all ages with his Neil Diamond repertoire of songs and sing alongs.

L & C:  this was perhaps the best party of the summer!  I was so honored to be a part of your day.

Comfortable Elegance!

This pretty much sums up the theme for Aislinn and Peter’s wedding at Sodo Park.  When we first met last December we discussed a wedding that would honor their guests, be a great time for everyone and most importantly: be comfortable!  Mission Accomplished.  Their parents share over 60 years of steady commitment between them and we had a grandmother join us all the way from Virginia!  Peter and Aislinn adore one another’s siblings – and all were included in the wedding party.  This photo of Aislinn typifies the relaxed feel of the day.  Wishing you two every happiness in your future adventures.  Special thanks to “Wedding Angel” Kristen Pentland of Sodo Park/Herban Feast for her attention to detail and Jeremy, for taking such good care of us!  The food was as amazing as always!!!

A note from Peter’s parents yesterday:  Dear Reverend Mary,  We wanted to Thank You again for such a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony.  You were wonderful and set such a perfect tone.  We enjoyed meeting you!  We wish you the best and Thank You again!  Warm Regards, Cathy & Pete

Time for Ease…

Soo and Jin’s wedding week was full of surprises… and not necessarily the good kind!  Soo’s work load tripled but she handled it with grace and humor.  W Hotel’s Catering Sales Manager, Mike Beroza was a calming influence that led us through the busy weekend.  Here we are signing the legal paperwork and laughing about the very looooong pause that Jin took with the “I Do” response of his wedding vows!  All is well.

The Guys

Here are Peter’s finest.  I understand now why my Groom couldn’t pick a “Best Man”. .. they are all Peter’s “best men”.  Brothers and friends that go way back.  We made an exceptional team getting the guests soothed and settled on a very hot afternoon.  It always feels so supportive when the Bridal Party is gracefully willing to help get the wedding executed! Thanks guys!

Rhea and Justin

Their story is one of romance, humor and total dedication!  We were able to pause our busy summer schedules to “break bread” and fine tune their wedding details… which are intricate.  Justin and Rhea chose to return to the place where they first met for their very detailed, very fun wedding:  SAM’s Olympic Sculpture Park.  And creativity seems to be a constant theme running through this upcoming event!  I simply can’t wait!