Monthly Archives: October 2011

Water, Laughter, Sun

An ideal recipe for an over the top celebration! Reese and Rachel gathered their good friends and fabulous families at Alderbrook Resort recently.  And the trek to Union, Washington was worth it.  Hood Canal was in it’s glory showing off the sun and majestic beauty of the Pacific Northwest.  Claudine Ursino of La Belle Soiree did an exceptional job bringing it all together in a very remote location.  Here is Rachel just before the wedding, enjoying the magic of the moment.

A note from Rachel’s mother…

Reverend Mary, Thank you for the wonderful ceremony that you performed with Rachel and Reese.  Your sense of command, sense of humor and preparedness helped Rachel breeze through the day!  I’m so pleased they found you.                            Warm Blessings, Peggy

Heavenly Celeste

To try to capture this ethereal creation through a camera lens is almost senseless!  It was a such a joy to be able to have this vast sculpture gracing the altar area at a recent wedding at Sodo Park.  Celeste Cooning is the talented artist that created this canopy reminiscent of angel wings!  I love how the light danced through the slits of cut paper and cast shapes on the floor.  Find Celeste by clicking on her name!




A Child’s Window…

This was a recent gift to me from the artist Josie Buckingham, age 7.  It is a depiction of a wedding featuring the bride and groom kissing (“girl and boy”) with hearts ascending.  I am standing with them (“Mimi) as their minister.  Notice the ring bearer and his pillow complete with bling!  Josie thoughtfully drew chairs for the guests and decorations for the celebration.  I adore the attentive cloud and sun looking on!  Children’s art is so delightfully pure!  Thank you Josie – I will treasure this always!