Monthly Archives: December 2011

Danielle – Pure Joy!

I just love this photo of my smiling bride. Danielle’s twinkle is the pure essence of what a wedding day is all about.  JOY.  Pure and simple.  And why not?  She and Chris took great care to select a wonderful team – to whom they happily entrusted the countless details that were so important to them both.  And the ambiance mirrored back to them the essential facets that meant most.  After all the decisions are made and in play – the last piece of the  vision is always the guests.  This truly is a key factor in the synergy of the day.  And on this group, Chris and Danielle’s finely crafted scheme was NOT wasted.  The Bride and Groom brought together a lifetime of jubilant friends to share their divine happiness!  Special thanks to Heather Perera of Paprika Events, Michael Benson and Garden Party.

Worlds Apart…

Christine resides in Texas right now and works as a nurse.  Forrest’s engineering occupation has him clocking long hours in Saudi Arabia – and they truly are living “worlds apart”.  They joined me for lunch during one of Forrest’s sabbaticals that allowed enough time to meet in Seattle to take care of wedding details.  As we enjoyed a yummy homemade dinner it was delightful to hear about their families and friends that will be traveling from all over Washington and Colorado State to be a part of their wedding next July!  I just can’t wait to meet them all.