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The Lovely Elizabeth, Mama of the Bride

It is always such an honor when my dear friends want to involve me in their children’s weddings. ( And a double honor when their children believe me to be equal to the task as well.) Saturday found about 70 family and friends gathering at the Columbia Tower Club to celebrate Elizabeth’s daughter’s wedding.  We were a great team as her daughter Laura and our groom, Matthew are with the US State Department on the other side of the globe.  Elizabeth’s touches were found everywhere.  From Judy Tallant’s (Tallant House) fabulous chocolate cake to Jon Robert Throne’s (Countryside Floral) purple sprays of fresh flowers.  It was all delightful, Lovely Elizabeth!

A note from Elizabeth today:

Mary,  Just wanted to say how much we appreciated your contribution to Laura’s wonderful wedding.  Don’t know how we could have done it without you!

Thanks again for the ceremony–we got many positive comments on how personal and lovely it was! Love you!   Elizabeth

Hawaii Bound…

Their wedding is not until September 15th, but our planning session took place recently because of some big and positive changes in their life.  Haley and Jeff are  so excited about moving to Hawaii for some great career opportunities.  They have lived on the islands before and feel quite at home there.  This departure in the near future is giving them the opportunity to get lots of decisions finalized early for their wedding day.  We took a break to enjoy a home cooked meal of healthy ground turkey meat loaf, fresh garden salad and warm sour dough bread just out to the oven.  This wedding is an extra special one because Haley’s wonderful mother, Shirley, is a high school girl friend of mine from Wenatchee.  The theme is intimate and relaxed.  Perfect!

Tiffany, Our Ring Bearer

I have heard many delightful and charming engagement stories.  This is my favorite so far.  Here is Tiffany the Robot presenting an amazing ring to Bride Katy from Groom Greg.  (I just love the embellishment of ribbon.)   Tiffany did such a great job helping seal the deal that Greg and Katy are inviting her back for a command performance for their wedding in late June at the Woodmark Hotel.  Be still my heart!

The Journey Continues…

This note arrived yesterday from dear clients…

ImageDear Rev Mary,

Your presence was so crucial to the intimacy of our wedding that you felt like family when it was all over.  From the way you warmly welcomed us into your home for dinner, to the way you put our family at such ease at the rehearsal and ceremony, we cannot thank you enough.  But the dearest gift you gave us was the deeply thoughtful planning guide you gave us for our marriage.  We still refer to the “promises we made each other for Rev Mary”.

Today we are happy to report that we welcomed our baby Cecilia Clare into the world on November 18, 2011!    I’ve been thinking about having a blessing for Cecilia and wonder if you would tell us about the services you offer?  It feels that you are such a special part of how our family’s journey began that I would love to have you continue that journey with us!
I hope all is well in your world.
Warm Regards,

Essence of Intimacy

Warmth was in the air even on this chilly Seattle evening.  Close family and lifetime friends gathered at divine Lake Union Cafe recently to bless and toast Michael and Lisa.  And for good reason.  Caring relationships are essential to their makeup. Thanks to Dann (Miracle Maker/Wedding Angel) for being such a great partner, once again.

Carl and Susanne … oh so romantic!

On Valentine’s Day I heard from a very dear couple that I married on August 7, 2005 in North Bend.  Carl and Susanne now have two beautiful children, Tristan and Christopher.  Susanne and Carl are the couple on my web site that surprised me by kissing me at the same time while one of their parents took a candid shot.  A photo that still makes me smile.  When I first won the Seattle Bride Magazine “Best Of” award in 2010, it is the photo of Carl and Susanne that the magazine decided to publish.  And the romantic Carl had the magazine article framed  for the beautiful Susanne for Valentine’s Day.  I enjoy seeing how my couples get creative to keep their marriage fresh.  Watching the rest of their story unfold is truly delightful!

From Dear Susanne:

“Mary, you’re too kind! I think I can speak for Carl when I say that we both were so lucky all those years ago to have found you. You made such a good and lasting impression on us and then years later, out of countless couples you’ve married, what an honor it was to see our photo used in the magazine, on your website and now on your blog. You will always be a very special person to us and we will always sing your praises!!!!! You are the perfect person to do what you do! We wish you all the happiness and joy life can bring to you!!!”

A Perfect Day, Relived

I just heard from  Ashley and Bryan, a very special couple that were married last summer.  They sent along a highlight video from Aaron Horton Productions and all of the magical memories from their exceptional day at the Woodmark Hotel floated back.  It is worthy of the peek:

(This photo was taken by the talented Tania from Azzura Photography)