Carl and Susanne … oh so romantic!

On Valentine’s Day I heard from a very dear couple that I married on August 7, 2005 in North Bend.  Carl and Susanne now have two beautiful children, Tristan and Christopher.  Susanne and Carl are the couple on my web site that surprised me by kissing me at the same time while one of their parents took a candid shot.  A photo that still makes me smile.  When I first won the Seattle Bride Magazine “Best Of” award in 2010, it is the photo of Carl and Susanne that the magazine decided to publish.  And the romantic Carl had the magazine article framed  for the beautiful Susanne for Valentine’s Day.  I enjoy seeing how my couples get creative to keep their marriage fresh.  Watching the rest of their story unfold is truly delightful!

From Dear Susanne:

“Mary, you’re too kind! I think I can speak for Carl when I say that we both were so lucky all those years ago to have found you. You made such a good and lasting impression on us and then years later, out of countless couples you’ve married, what an honor it was to see our photo used in the magazine, on your website and now on your blog. You will always be a very special person to us and we will always sing your praises!!!!! You are the perfect person to do what you do! We wish you all the happiness and joy life can bring to you!!!”


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