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The Calm Bride That She Is…

Here is my darling bride Annie just before her wedding ceremony happily reading to our adorable flower girl, Kate.  Regardless of the implications of snow and travel challenges for her family, Annie held up like Grace Under Fire!  Annie, you are going to do well in life!

Here is a note from Annie’s father Lynn:


I just wanted you to know how thrilled we were with the wedding last Saturday.  It’s hard to imagine it was one week ago, yesterday and the honeymooners have returned from Maui. All is good!

You did a wonderful job and really added a special touch to the whole event.  All of us appreciate your comments about family and the relationship we have with our children.  It is nice to hear it validated from someone that has more of a peripheral view.  Thank you for acknowledging it.

Blessings on your day!


Aria = John Gardner = Exquisite

I first met John Gardner of Aria/Style about ten years ago in a country barn that he had transformed in Snohomish County.  It was at Jen’s wedding.  (His friend Jen that is now my friend Jen too.)  It was such a great adventure to  to be at “Weddings in Woodinville” with John and Amy in January.  Here is one of his creations at Willows Lodge that is just jaw-dropping.  John is so humble when I ohhhh and ahhhh at his work!  His creativity keeps unfurling, now adding design, decor and textiles to the floral opulence.

Rafael and Sandy

He is not home for long!  Sandy, Rafael and I made good use of our time for our dinner meeting that we scheduled two days before their wedding!  As with most military weddings that I officiate, that window of time is precious.  I am so impressed with their long distance, long term relationship.  And their commitment to our country.

Lela and Tim

They have so much in common.  A love of children, a sense of adventure and a huge dedication to one another.  I am so honored to be able to work with Tim and Lela.  They joined me for a lunch of eggplant mushroom soup and homemade focaccia bread… perfect for a cold winter day!  Their children will be flying in from all over the country and joining us for the wedding at Willows Lodge.  Soon after the wedding they are off to an exotic honeymoon – which will be their reward for all the many details they are handling for this fabulous Indian Inspired wedding we are scheming up!

Annie + Daniel

These two just make me smile.  We simply had a fun time together.  Their winter-themed wedding was all about snow flakes and magic!  So here we are at my dining room table making sure that all the details are in order.  With their busy lives of school and work they still had time to complete their check list.  I so appreciate how Daniel and Annie adore their families.  Dan’s family will be joining us from Napa Valley and Annie’s parents are here in the Seattle preparing to host the out of town guests in style and comfort!  So looking forward to meeting them all soon.

Lunch Time

It was my perfect day.  No rain, great company, watching my little back yard acquire an enchanting focal point – it was just magical. To finally meet John Akers, the whimsical artist and builder was a charming experience. At 1:00 p.m. it was time to get cleaned up and enjoy macadamia nut encrusted stuffed chicken breasts with a fresh garden salad and homemade garlic bread.  I couldn’t serve lunch until John autographed the shed for me.  Every morning when I am enjoying my coffee I look into my back yard and think of my wonderful sister!  I am truly blessed in so many ways.

Good Morning John Akers!!!

On Saturday morning I am in my garden drinking my coffee and admiring the beautiful brick foundation when John Akers calls to say that it looks like rain and would I mind waiting until May?  “Don’t make me cry, John” I reply.  He was teasing me and on his way to my home!  It was like Christmas morning.  Here is John caulking the copper cupola and preparing the final piece of the copper roof!