Monthly Archives: August 2012

Meet Laura Marchbanks!

This photo was taken by Laura Marchbanks – she is so talented.  Also thoughtful, relaxed and passionate about her work!  She has a keen sense of humor – which is always a welcome gift at any wedding.  Laura has a great website – so take a visit to:

One great formula…

Keeping it simple is their motto.  Delegate, be true to yourself and no fuss.  And they are stickin’ to it!  Amber and Erik were clear from the start that they didn’t want a big fuss.  So, really – is it possible to have it ALL?  Classic, fabulous AND no fray?  Of course!  Just ask Katie at the Canlis!  We enjoyed a reunion recently to finalize their sweet wedding plans that finished with fresh lemon bundt cake and just-picked blueberries.  Again – simplicity wins out!  I see a pattern of couples choosing to NOT get lost in the details and choose “uncomplicated”.  Bravo!

Argentina meets Persia… or…

Poland meets Mexico!  When these two first met, Nadia assumed that Pawel was from Argentina and Pawel presumed Nadia was Persian!  Regardless, they both share exotic good looks, a love of the outdoors and adore doing everything together.  We joined creative forces recently to share good food peppered with lively conversation.  You can see how pleased they are with their wedding invitation – and they should be.  It is the perfect combination of elegance and information!  Katy Griffiths with Vows will be our fearless leader at Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Club.  Looking forward to seeing the Flamenco Dancers!

Joe loves Fang

(It really is pronounced “Fong” just in case you are wondering.)  When Dubai meets China great things happen!  Here is Fang with her new brother and mother in-law just before we lined up to enter.  My favorite element about this wedding was the sincere respect shown to both of the bride’s and groom’s mothers.  Fang’s mother, Yunqui walked Fang up the aisle and also signed on our legal documents after the ceremony.  Joe escorted his mother, Mila up the aisle and gave her a huge hug before he sat her.  It was a tender day for both mamas, who had traveled such a long distance.  I am certain that because the parents were so included in the activities of the wedding week that this helped to ease the mother’s emotions considerably.   Wishing you much happiness Fang and Joe – and continue taking good care of your mamas!


The Ryan/Chelsea Team!

They just returned from their Mediterranean Cruise  “Pre-moon” so it was easy to be relaxed and productive at last night’s dinner.  Chelsea is a Vegan so I was able to cook up my one of my favorite dishes: Fresh Herbed Lentils with black rice and served it with fresh garden salad – and of course my whole wheat sour dough bread just out of the oven.  It was fun chatting with Chelsea and Ryan about their recent adventure – as well as the one we will be sharing soon – their wedding!  Another reason these two are so easy-going – they have delegated wisely to the Woodmark Hotel, Stephanie Solomon and Austin Beaver.  We are in such capable hands!  Can’t wait.

Birthday Tea Party!

When someone has a milestone birthday it should be celebrated properly.  And when you turn FIVE, best to trust it to the Queen Mary Tea Room where there is an endless supply of hot cocoa, tiny grilled cheese sannies, and cotton candy to dip in warm chocolate sauce! Here is my granddaughter Bailey feeling very special, indeed.   We tip our crowns to the staff who helped make our celebration so very magical!

Turning Five is Very Special…

A few years ago I illustrated and wrote a book for my grandchild Josie’s fifth birthday.  It was about her favorite things at that moment in time.  When I Skype with Josie’s little sister Bailey, she always shows me her sister’s special book.  Bailey turned five in August and I knew that I would need to create the time to illustrate and write a second book – just for Bailey.   Here is page 7 of her book – an illustration inspired from an actual photo I had taken last fall.    -Love you Bailey, Mimi