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Baby Harper’s Baby Blessing…

There is a very sweet little celebration afoot.  In about a month a reunion will take place with one new element:  Baby Harper!  As we plan this precious Baby Blessing (with her Godparents, Grandparents, Aunties, Uncles, friends and neighbors) her parents Heather and Warren are getting a little giddy.  And why not?  We have waited a long time for this little angel to find us.  The challenges, at times, were a bit overwhelming.  But here we are… beside ourselves. And by the looks of it so is Harper!


So Aria!

As I was walking along the Kirkland waterfront early last Sunday morning I found myself in a little euphoria wondering what could make this morning any more pleasant.  When I fixed my eyes on the wedding tent at the Woodmark Hotel and noticed hard working John Gardner, owner of Aria Style, I realized that my day had just gotten better!  John is always funny, always tweaking his already fabulous creations, and always dialed into the grand scheme that the Bride and Groom have deemed consummate.  It is always inspirational for me to work among his creativity!  Notice the streamers of orchids and the calm of the lush pink displays.  Thank you John!

Ain’t we got fun?

I knew from the moment I met John and Katie that this wedding was going to be a good time!  Here is Katie with her best girls having one last group hug in the locker room at the Seattle Golf Club just before showtime.  (Hint:  Seattle Golf Club cannot advertise because they are a private club; it is an amazing year-around venue!) Katie and John have been such a blessing in my life.  Always positive, always easy.  Wishing you every happiness darling couple!  Special thanks to DJ Tim Stever, Beautiful Noise, for doing a great job, once again!

Clever Photo Display

Brides and Grooms who take an idea and kick it up a notch deserve a nod.  The Fireseed Catering Company on Whidbey Island allowed Nick and Brittany to tack their photo gallery on their garden trees.  Notice the small clothes pins used – so whimsical! A great ice breaker for the guests as they toured the gardens and sipped their raspberry lemonade.

The Sweetest Couple…

The chemistry when Christine and Ryan’s family and friends came together was electric!  With more than 70 combined married years of their parents, we basked in the luxury of two close families.  I was included in all of the events for the week and it was simply enriching.  Christine and Ryan’s histories go back over a decade – and it all turned out as it should… with an amazing reunion of happy well-wishers – mostly from the great state of Indiana!  It was a perfect day at the Four Season’s Hotel.

The Bounty of the Season!

On Sunday evening, just as I was lost in the fantasy of having the time to preserve a batch of something (while I was posting the blog about a Mason jar wedding invitation) a large amount of fresh fruit was delivered to my doorstep!  There was nothing to do but create some time during my very busy wedding season and make a big pot of blackberry/plum jam – with vanilla, fresh nutmeg and cinnamon, of course.  What is it about the smell of fruit bubbling on the stove or the sound of the lids snapping tight after their water bath that  always sets my world straight – like baking bread or hanging out the laundry?  And my lesson was this: how easy was it to make a fantasy transition to a reality?

Minaz and Shelmina…

To say that it was an international extravaganza would be selling it short! Over 300 guests gathered recently from every corner of the globe to honor the well-loved Bride and Groom.  Shelmina and Minaz chose the Grand Hyatt Seattle to orchestrate this lavish evening.  John Gardner from Aria Style pulled out all the stops to wow us with his “music for the eyes”.   From the Hyatt’s General Manager on down, the red carpet was laid out.  The result was an elegant, seamless, and stunning celebration.  From Shelmina (via her BlackBerry) before she left on her honeymoon:

Thank you for the most amazing wedding ceremony….we were in awe and mesmerized … were awesome.  So many friends and family members complemented on how beautiful the ceremony was…   You will be part of our memories forever.

Thank you again!

Special thanks to Winnie Westergard for this photo!  You were amazing!