Katy and Greg: Has it already been five months?

What a fun surprise to hear from Greg and Katy yesterday!  These two will always have a very special place in my heart.  Their fun-loving spirits and creativity continues  to impress!  Greg decided to make a public notice of his gratitude during the Thanksgiving holiday – how sweet!   On Yelp:


Reverend Mary was our wedding officiant at our Summer 2012 wedding.  It took us a long time to pick an officiant because we were concerned about having a ceremony that really represented us, but we definitely found the right one!

I am so glad Reverend Mary was available when we e-mailed her. She is simply a master at creating perfect wedding ceremonies: she is serious and deliberate about what she does, but brings such remarkable warmth and enthusiasm to her work.   It was such a joy to get to know her over dinner (a delicious home-cooked meal she prepared) while she worked with us, planning our marriage.

Reverend Mary definitely has a fun charismatic gift for running the ceremony, but we really appreciated how seriously she took her role. She’s a real expert on marriage, but she always acted with great respect and deference to our beliefs and ideals. She was true to herself, but ultimately made it the best possible ceremony for us.

Highly recommended.

I loved working with you both and love that you continue to stay in touch!!!


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