Monthly Archives: December 2012

Fun for a cause…

XmasTrHere is Leslie and Sean Wheatley of Seattle Parties (“Best DJ’s”) with BJ Duft of Sodo Park/Herban Feast (“Best of Many Things”) and me having great fun at a charity fundraiser for Providence earlier in December.  It was a fabulous party – with proceeds donated to the very worthy Providence Senior and Community Services.  Leslie worked year-around on this event and Bravo!  She gave us clip-on bird decorations for our trees as party favors – so our group adorned ourselves with her gifts!  The ladies at our table also decided to wear hats for the evening.  It helped put us in the Holiday Spirit!

Meagan and Chad…

MeaganChadI love it when my couples share their engagement photos with me.  Here are Meagan and Chad having a wonderful time with the oh-so-talented Tania from Azzura Photography!  What a beautiful couple. This photo was taken almost an exact year from their wedding day planned in 2013.  It will be a September wedding – and let’s hope we have another fabulous fall like Seattle enjoyed in 2012.  The great thing about Tania is that she is always able to capture the story, the emotion – the mood.  So looking forward to working – and playing with Meagan and Chad (and Tania) in 2013!!!

Not just another Thursday!!!

historyIt’s a day of history in the making!!!  With R74 passage in Washington State, life will change for many.  Some folks thought this law was about morality.  Many of us believed it was about Human Rights.  I hear daily from couples that have been together for 20 plus years ready to make their marriage legal.  Here is a photo of Annie and Nicole, very dear clients of mine.  They were #43 in line!  We have a very festive vow renewal/paper signing planned in my home that will include their fabulous families with a yummy brunch to follow.  (My sister Julie is baking little wedding cakes for all my couples becoming legal!)  It will be a sweet reunion – and a historical one!  I am so proud to live in Washington State!!!