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A Day of Miracles…

The challenges were overwhelming at times.  But the result was astounding! grlsHere is my beautiful bride Jill, her lovely mother, Diana and talented daughter Ryanne. This wedding was scheduled so that Mother Diana could share in the joy NOW, as she is an active cancer patient.  But it was our groom’s mother, Coleen that spent the week in the hospital!  Our Mother of the Groom was released just in time for the sun to shine brightly last Saturday and join in the festivities!  Ryan and Jill have waited NINE years for this wedding, so Ryanne (who is 13 years old!) sang “At Last” as Jill entered.  It was potent!

Just yesterday from Jill:  Mary, There aren’t enough words to describe the joy in Ryan and my heart.  Saturday was a miraculous demonstration of God’s love and gifts in our lives.  I am so thankful and appreciative of everything that came together on Saturday to make for such a special day.  YOU were such a LARGE part of that day’s blessings.  As I had mentioned when we first met, second to having a small and intimate wedding it was most important who married us.  You were PERFECT and such a gift.  Thank you!!!!  With love and appreciation….   Jill

Jill and Ryan – it was such an privilege to work – and play with you both!!!

Charlie and Chuck Plan a Vow Renewal!

CCVow Renewals – I just love them!  Charlotte and Charles (Charlie and Chuck) had their challenges last year when “Top Gun” Chuck was deployed.  Critical decisions were made and a brisk nuptial devised.  Sadly they were both struck down with an illness during the two post wedding weeks before deployment.  Fast-forward to 2013:  Chuck and Charlie are living together as man and wife for the first time and knee-deep in planning their festive Vow Renewal at the Edgewater Hotel (where “Wedding Angel” Christiane will take very good care of us).  We were able to carve out some time recently to enjoy an East Indian dinner in my home, complete with homemade pita bread.  Charlie’s family will join us  all the way from the UK!  I so admire their talent for  weaving their family and friends into the ceremony – like a fine tapestry.  At last…

Welcome to the World, Baby Nissa

NissaIsn’t she lovely?  Born in January of this year to Rachel and Erik – and big brother Tor.  The look on Tor’s face is priceless!  This is one of the many perks of my profession.  There are no words to describe the joy I feel when I  receive a photo like this!  Thank you Erik and Rachel – I add this to the many beautiful photos that you have shared with me over the years.  I so enjoy being on this adventure with you!

Garnished With Forethought

RynJlJill and Ryan have patiently waited NINE years to take this step.   It was a relaxed and informal supper in my “eating in” kitchen where we enjoyed Turkey Paprikash and homemade sourdough bread as we discussed their final plans.  Their scheme is simple – each guest will be included in their ceremony.  Her daughter will sing, as well as her niece.  The guests will all hold the rings as they are passed along before they are exchanged.  Her deceased father will be honored.  The ceremony for Ryan and Jill, is truly the focus of their day. Such an honor to be working with them!!!