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Making it legal…

cdltreWhen I contacted Annie and Nicole after last November’s election to see how they would like to make their marriage legal, I learned a great many things.  First of all, since I had seen them at their wedding in June, Annie had been actively working on the grass roots campaign to get R 74 passed here is Washington State.  I learned that their families wanted to be included in this next step.  It was explained to me that Nicole and Annie wished to make this day memorable and that their very fancy wedding attire from June would be dusted off!  It wasn’t long and we were scheming up a reunion in my home. Enjoy the photos that follow from Alante Photography.

Love and Laughter!

rnglghSuch a relaxed setting, in my living room, where  Nicole and I are spontaneously teasing Annie during their Vow Renewal last December.  Such a joyful time to celebrate all that is right with the world! Special thanks again to Loren and Kimberly from Alante Photography for being such wonderful photographers and guests that day!


tblscpI love the peek-a-boo effect of the dancing light that these illuminaries create.  I purchased a set of six of these about 15 years ago and bring them out for all sorts of winter occasions.   When Annie, Nicole and I first started planning their Vow Renewal and Paper Signing I knew the table must be something fabulous…like them!  -Photo by Alante Photography

The Christmas Table Scape…

tblelngPreparing for a seated brunch for 16 is always a daunting task, so I start many days ahead menu scheming, collecting my groceries,  doing the initial food prep and the setting of the table.  Here upon the linens are placed pine cones (protected by catering paper because of the sap) nuts in the shell, tangerines, ribbon, small antique Santa’s and bells with illuminaries and a collection of small poinsettia.  I took a photograph of the china and was able to create the matching place cards in Photoshop.   The holly cloth napkins were found by my sister-in-law at a garage sale in California!!!       -Alante Photograhy

Falling in love with the families…

jkhgBoth Annie and Nicole are blessed to come from such wonderful families.  Loren and Kimberly from Alante Photography joined in the fun as they captured the intimacy of this sweet day.  Here is Annie and her father Jack before his tearful and eloquent toast.  This photo is truly worthy of a thousand words!  Our guests joined us from all over the United States for the occasion.

Tart Hearts!

trthrtsLast Christmas I was developing a new Pumpkin/Butternut Squash Pie recipe so I just had to include these tarts in our menu.  Bringing out my Christmas China is one of my rituals of the season. The mistletoe, holly and ribbon pattern seemed to add to the high spirits of the day! Thanks to Alante Photography for the beautiful photos!!!

A little cake…

ckupLast fall after R 74 passed in Washington State (legalizing same-sex marriage) my sister Julie offered to make small cakes for all my couples that I needed to “get legal”!  As I traveled to their homes – or they came to mine, these small cakes would make their appearance.  Here is the one Julie created for Annie and Nicole as we celebrated their six month anniversary AND Vow Renewal AND we finally were able to sign legal docs.  You’ll see my brunch menu on the chalk board behind the tiny cake.  Special care was taken to include several gluten free goodies! Photo by Alante Photography.

Chuck and Charlie: Vow Renewal in Mess Dress

ChkChrlMess dress is the military term for the formal evening dress worn in the mess or at other formal occasions. Very odd name for Chuck’s beautiful uniform!  And Charlie’s dress was it’s ideal counterpart.  I love this candid photo that I snapped of Charlie admiring Chuck just before their Vow Renewal…such a look of admiration.  It was an international affair that included their childhood friends and High-ranking Military Mentors.  Congratulations (again) Chuck and Charlie!  No doubt your adventures shall continue!

Meet Carol Harrold!

HarroldI feel quite honored to work with such consummate vendors here is Seattle.  A true classic in the field of photography is Carol Harrold, a  subtle artist that seems to weave herself into the very fabric of her surroundings.  I believe this allows her to help relax the rest of us so that Carol is able to capture the fine essence of these intimate moments.  She has a gift.  This is a photo of Jill, Ryan and myself at the end of their service a few weeks ago.  Click on her name above  to tour her blog.  Worthy of the visit.

A pirate, a florist and a minister…

PrtAfter Chuck and Charlie’s vow renewal it was a treat to unwind with Randy and Stuart at the reception!  Charlie’s dear friend Randy had done a stellar job as our florist, traveling from Las Vegas to be a part of this wacky group.  We imported Stuart from the UK! ARRRRRR!