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The French Connection…

DvdSylSylvie is French.  Mais Oui!  So it was only natural to sprinkle French touches into their Big Day.  Accordion music, French songs, wine from the vineyards of France and a gourmet cuisine that included chilled carrot cardamom soup, seared scallops, goat cheese polenta cake.  I even dusted off my college French for their wedding ceremony!  David and Sylvie were so gracious as they entertained their dear family and good friends that joined us from several continents for this amazing wedding celebration.  Our tres bon event planner, Stephanie Solomon was busy with her magic wand – making it all look so easy and effortless!  And the magnifique finale:  A reception at Chihuly Garden and Glass!  (see posting below!)

OOOH LA LA! Chilhuly!

chihulyDavid and Sylvie chose to stage their wedding at the classic Arctic Club Hotel yet nothing would do but Dale Chihuly’s new museum at the Seattle Center for their French-themed reception.  Chihuly Garden and Glass is worthy of a visit.  If you are short on time follow the link above to their website.  This oasis of creativity is truly impressive by daylight – but as the sun sets, the enchanting lights magically transform the setting to something of a divine experience!  The word “magnificent” kept floating through my mind.  As part of our reception experience, we were able to tour the museum as well as the gardens.  Thank you David and Sylvie for a most memorable evening!!!

Let’s Elope!

elopeAnd why not?  Ross and Patricia certainly are of age!  And such a cute couple.  They teased and flirted their way through their big day – like two young lovers.  These youngsters  met at their Senior Center playing   cards and becoming dear friends. Once again the lesson is this:  Love has no  boundaries in age, geography, nationalities, religion or economics.  And it will keep us all young!!!

Chad and Meagan for dinner…

ChdMgnIt was a delightful reunion recently when I enjoyed the company of Meagan and Chad as we fine-tuned the details of their FUN September wedding.   I splashed out and made them a miniature wedding cake for dessert.  Vanilla cake with cream cheese frosting – much like the one that we will enjoy  next fall at their celebration.  Yummy!

Fabulous “Save the Date”

SvDtChad and Meagan have inspired me once again!!!  This time I must share their “Save the Date” card.  It is a whimsical nod to their first date (seven years ago) – a movie, of course!

Designed to resemble a romantic film poster, it features tricked-out  Hollywood emblems, their wedding website, the date, time, and place of their wedding.  It is one more aspect of the thought and intention that these two have invested towards their momentous day in September….BRAVO!

Lonnie and Crystal…

LniCrystlWhen I first met Lonnie and Crystal early last November, their dream wedding (to take place at Golden Gardens) seemed like ages away.  Note: The proverbial wedding clock’s hands spin faster than the regular household clock!  Mid-July will be here soon and we agreed that we are all a bit stunned!  That didn’t keep us from having a great deal of fun as we dotted and crossed the i’s and t’s in all things wedding during our recent dinner.  Their love of the Pacific Northwest and their wish to show it off to their out of town guests, should play out well as this beach setting seems to be the ideal landscape!  It was an enriching evening hearing about their detailed scheme.

At Last!!!

MrcPtyPatty and Marcia have been great partners these past 3.5 decades.  At home, business, in this community.  And now we have the great honor to celebrate their love and dedication in August.  (Since they are both retired, it has not been easy to catch up with them!)  The three of us were finally able to  share a little feast of chicken pesto panini sannies with fresh garden salad.  Laughter, creativity and sweet stories were also shared that afternoon!  It will be a casual gathering in August with their nearest and dearest. Something tells me that we are in for a fine time!

Yet another “Big Day” for Jennifer and Christine

EmmaEmma Frances made a big splash March 7th on a snowy afternoon in New York City.  When two people plan their “Big Day” in the world of weddings, it is hard to imagine other days, filled with as much joy, love and gratitude.  As the journey continues, exceptional days of miracles follow.  Wishing Jennifer, Christine and Emma many more BIG days on their journey together!  (To read about Jennifer and Christine’s fabulous Four Seasons Hotel Wedding see post from May 31, 2011)

Celebrating the Nurturers among us…

DianaMother’s Day is not just for those of us that have raised children.  It is a day for celebrating the women that caretake, cuddle, soothe and live their life with compassion.  It is for the big-hearted creatures that show us how to love unconditionally.  The ladies that walk this planet that are strong enough to  care for the unloveable.  The females that model to us how to live peaceful, graceful lives of harmony empowered by self-love.  To these women I sing my praises.   This photo is a Mother of the Bride from a recent wedding, her name is Diana.  She is as lovely as she appears.  And a warrior.  Diana is battling cancer and winning.  She is a hero to many of us.  Happy Mother’s Day to all Nurturers, Heroes and Mamas among us!!!  This photo was taken by talented photographer Carol Harrold.

Perfection at the Sculpture Park!

LrnBrtIt was a perfect day at SAM’s Sculpture Park near the waterfront in downtown Seattle.  The warm temp, the gentle breeze, the cheerful guests, a supportive team of attendants, and the ideal couple.  Laureen and Bryant were quite relaxed and comfortable as their sweet  wedding played out … Perfectly!  Something tells me that this is how their marriage will be.  Easy.  So loved working (and playing) with these two!  (From Laureen just yesterday…”thank you so much for helping us make our special day beyond perfect”)   Laureen – you are so very welcome!