Best Dogs and an Anniversary!

TJThe Salish hosted us recently for a lovely reunion of family and friends.  And an anniversary – John and Teresa met on this date some time ago! We just HAD to include their wonderful dogs, Lucy and Trey!!!   Teresa and John love chocolate so they gave us all party favors from Brugge Chocolates!  Amazing.  From their note that graced me… (from John)  Dear Rev. Mary, What can I say?  Our wedding was absolutely perfect thanks to you.  You are a true professional but you are so much more and words fail to express our gratitude for what you have done for us.  All I can say is thank you so very, very much for everything.  Hugs, John     (and from Teresa)  Dear Reverend Mary, I am so grateful for everything you have done for John and I.  Having you come into our lives has been such a blessing and I will be forever grateful for the love, sensitivity, depth and guidance you have bestowed on us.  Beyond that two things standout to me that I want to mention:  1. Thank you for expertly setting y expectations as to the reality of what the ceremony would be like and 2. Thank you for taking care of so much the day of the wedding with the venue.  Your generosity was far and above and such a gift.  It means a lot.  Love, Teresa

T & J: My honor, my joy.  You two are going to have a wonderful life together!  xo


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