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Chairman of the Boards!

JsnWI had a terrific time on Saturday with Best Man Lenhard (l) and Groom Jason  (c) and Brother Lance (r).  Here they are clowning in the Cellar Room (or “Man Cave”) at Novelty Hill Januik Winery in Woodinville.  We  had just finished a wine tour with our “Wedding Angel” Emily.  Januik is such a splendid place to host a wedding!



Katie is stunning in her Grandmother’s Wedding Dress…

KtiWSuch a gutsy thing to do… the reworking of an heirloom wedding dress from the 1940’s!  Katie entrusted her friend/neighbor/seamstress to be the talented and brave soul wielding the scissors and guiding the needle!  The result was  an ideal combination of elegant  and nostalgic.  Katie displayed a treasured photo of her grandmother wearing the same wedding gown over 70 years ago!   Such a sweet nod to the history of one’s family and a way to honor those that have come before us.

Meet Erin Lindeman!

ErinIt was the first time that Erin (Lindeman Weddings and Events) and I were able to work together and it was a fine experience.  We teamed up for Jason and Katie’s wedding – over a year in the making!!  Novelty Hill/Januik Winery in Woodinville was our base this past weekend where Trixie, the 10 pound  Rat Terrier, stole the show!  The details were all-consuming, yet Erin was one calm  cucumber!  I really appreciate her easy-going, unruffled demeanor.  Weddings have enough electric emotions.  Always a plus when our leader is grounded!!!

Gayle and Jim O’Donnell – Surprise Vow Renewal!

JmGlvrThese two are so cute.  After 25 years they are still modeling the value of romance in marriage!  Gayle has been planning this event since last winter.  She was clever as she wove her scheme into the very fabric of an industry networking meeting!  It was a fun group: Greg Lowder, DJ, was on hand, Patti Payne was our Reader, Vocalist, Carolena Matus and Susan Haas the Harpist, all brought their talents to the ceremony.  Jen Taylor from Taylor’d Events and her Team were our fearless leaders at Reinfire Ranch.  Such a fun celebration.  Note to “Mrs. Wifey” and “Mr. Hubby”: Thanks for including me, it was fun writing those funny, tender vows for you.  Great “Re-Up” celebration!

Zach and Anika for Brunch!

ZchAnkIt was great catching up with Anika and Zach when they were visiting from Texas two weeks ago.  I love using my homemade bread for a blueberry overnight French Toast recipe.  Real maple syrup and cream cheese may be involved, along with 12 eggs.  It is sinful!  These two will be married in December in the beautiful chapel at Villa Academy.  Such a classic setting.  We had a great reunion!

Brian and Bro David…

BriWI applaud it when tradition is softened a bit and creativity is given a nod.  Groom Brian (r) and Brother David (l) look so handsome in their light colored summer suits.  Brian sported matching shoes as well – just FUN! These two looked like something out of GQ!  Additional creativity: Brian and Amy commissioned a Japanese Omikuji Tree built in a frame with beautiful branches that became the backdrop for our ceremony.  Afterwards, guests had a playful time tying fortunes onto the tree!

Amy, such a beautiful bride…

AmyWDuring the time leading up to this wedding, Amy was true to herself.  She knew what she wanted and her creative talents worked overtime to sculpt just the right kind of day – on every level.  And Amy kept her sense of humor throughout it all.  We all teased her about the 30 pound train!  (The dress is magnificent.)  Her dream was to have her wedding at the courtyard in front of the Asian Art Museum with three types of live music – and it all flowed perfectly.  It was a heartfelt service. Amy and Brian were such dedicated teammates.

From Amy: ” You were such an integral and emotional part of our ceremony. I’m so glad I saw that photo of you in Seattle Bride. Your power and ability to love came through that photo. Just like when I saw Brian. Love at first sight.

Ain’t Misbehaven’

flwrgrlThese are my favorite moments at a wedding. .. the “Behind the Scenes” glimpses, after the formal photos have been documented and before the properness of the ritual begins.  Here are our two flower girls climbing the life-size camels that protect the entrance to the Asian Art Museum.  With no worry about snagging their dresses or where they may have left their shoes!  It just makes me smile.

AT LAST – Marcia and Patty

MrcPtiSo many folks in the wedding industry know Patty and Marcia as the FUN owners of Countryside Floral and Garden in Issaquah.  These fabulous ladies have been together for 33 years!  The theme for their wedding was so appropriate:  “AT LAST”.  Over 100 people came to their park-like garden to help them celebrate!  And an IDEAL day it was.  Marcia and Patty’s garden was abundantly colorful, their family and friends were ecstatic to be included in this over-the-moon, joyful celebration and the weather was PERFECT!   The talented “flower sculptors” at Countryside Floral outdid themselves with lavish displays of Hawaiian foliage in gigantic baskets.  I was able to stay and visit with the NEW owner of Countryside Floral and Garden (the wonderful and talented) Jon Robert Throne.  Who did, indeed, send me an amazing bouquet the following day.   Thank you, Darling!

Keeping it simple…

MrgrtWIf I had to come up with one word for their wedding it would be:  EASY!  By very clear intention, Margaret and David created a joyful and relaxed day, without heavy schedules or complex structure.  And it showed!  Here is Bride Margaret, with her Mama and MOH,  just hanging out before the wedding (at Januik Winery).  Ahhhhhhh!