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Diva DJ Leslie

DIVALeslieDJ Leslie went the extra mile to  honor our client’s wishes.  Daniel and Brian asked her to become “Adele” for their over-the-top Four Seasons  Wedding that has been touted as the “Event of the Year.”  But that is what Leslie does.  Making wishes into reality.  It was great fun to stay for the reception and watch “Adele” spin with such seasoned finesse!  DJ Leslie – from Seattle Parties… always keeping us smiling and on the dance floor!

Flora Nova = Stunning!

FloraOn Saturday night it was great fun to see Christiana from Flora Nova Floral and Event Design!  To work around her creations is always a welcome experience.  The beauty and scents are heady.  Somehow it makes everything surreal. This was the altar area for the wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel created for our clients, Brooke and Lindy.  It doesn’t really do the breathtaking display justice.  But it was magnificent!

A book exchange at their wedding… why not?

BkExchI could post for hours about the unique and fabulous touches that Elisabeth and Jed introduced at their wedding.  Elisabeth spent untold hours with her friends filling empty eggs with confetti.  These eggs were used for the couple to crack over one another’s heads after the kiss at the end of the wedding ceremony!!! All of the guests had them packaged under their seats and were invited to join in the fun before Jed and Elisabeth walked back down the aisle.  (Rev. Mary may have felt one hit her head as well.)  The laughter and merriment were astounding!  I was equally charmed by the book exchange.  We were all to bring a book to share and invited to select one from the table to take home.  Tonight I will pack an “easy reader” into my luggage and take it with me for my grandchild in California.  A treasured book that holds such fond memories of a magical wedding.

Jed and Elisabeth, I heart them!

JdElisWI must admit, this was just too much fun.  From the moment I met them, I knew that it was going to be a charming and fun process.  AND IT WAS!  An
“out of the box” yet somehow traditional adventure.  Our calm and stellar leader, Lisa Chambers, brought into play all the  whimsical creativity that seemed to be a natural outpouring from Jed and Elisabeth.  Here is my darling couple with their treasured mothers.

A beautiful note was found in my post recently:

Hi Mary, We cannot thank you enough for how special you made our wedding ceremony.  We were both deeply touched (and a little humbled even) by your wonderful introduction.  It really set the tone for the entire evening of genesis, renewal, and merriment. So many of our dearest friends and family commented on how “us” the ceremony was and you were indispensable to making that happen.  And beyond the ceremony, we now have a mission statement that will guide our lives as a couple and evolve over time.  This has been a truly remarkable journey.  From our hearts and home, we thank you.  ~Elisabeth and Jed

Brooke + Lindy!

LBTo say this wedding was glamourous would be an understatement.  The Four Seasons is always so lovely, but this was exceptional – again!  Brooke and Lindy cuddled throughout the ceremony.  So comfortable and cozy – in front of 217 guests!  It was easy and sweet.  We included Vows for their daughter Lennon and a special family blessing. Lots of sniffling in the congregation!  And laughter too.  It has been such a treat to help prepare them for this time.  And so rewarding to watch it play out.  If Brooke looks radiant, it is only because she was!  And Lindy was her perfect match.  Kind of like a fairy tale.

Janet and Jesica at The Salish…

JJThese two have waited for some time for this change in our legal system.  We enjoyed a very spontaneous time at the Salish recently, celebrating their long term relationship – and now marriage.  Their very capable daughter Maddy baked their wedding cake.  Daughter Sophia was one of our flower girls.  We were highly supported by family and dear friends. Always a blessing. The Salish Lodge is so beautiful at this time of year, with the turning of the leaves. But these two gave the day another level of beauty.  Congratulations.  You two have been very patient waiting for this day!

My fellas… you are welcome!

ThmRbWThe Edgewater Hotel hosted us for a fabulous evening.  Live jazz, fine wine, great food, two spectacular families – all of whom traveled some distance.  High school friends from all over the country helped to make certain this union was celebrated properly. Both parents escorted their son down the aisle. Here on the left is Groom Thomas, Center is Bro Mathew and on the right is Groom Rob.  It has been such a sweet journey.  A recent note from them:

Hi Mary
Thomas and I want to thank you so much for making our wedding magical! Everyone raved about how wonderful you were and how happy we looked. 
Rob and Thomas- newlyweds!

It’s all about the socks…

socksThe socks are getting wild and it is just so whimsical and fun!  Here are Robert and Thomas sharing a silly moment before their wedding ceremony. If you look closely, you will see the black dots on the bright orange fabric.  So perfect as we were days away from Halloween!  These two took great delight in the fine-tuned details of the day.  From their letter-press fall themed invitations, to their custom fall leaf cake (with tiny sculpted pumpkins) they oversaw that the best was selected for their guests.  Regardless of the work they put into their day, their humor was their ballast as it all played out seamlessly.

Daniel and his fellows

DnlClowning with me in the Atrium Room at the Salish Lodge just before the wedding is my ideal team:  Good Buddy Thomas, Groom Daniel, Brother Michael and soon to be Bro-in-law, Adam.  I cherish the goofy minutes before the ceremony.  The energy seems electric and the joy is heady.  Thank you Daniel and Alyssa – I have so loved working and playing with you!

Alyssa and Her Mama…

AlysMmaOne of the favorite things about my work is meeting my couple’s families.  Here is Our Mother of the Bride cuddling with her daughter.  Denise escorted Alyssa down the aisle and was oh so honored to do so.  How these two were able to be ready by ten o’clock in the morning is beyond me.  But they were!  We shared lots of laughter and tears during the ceremony.  The Salish Lodge hosted a fabulous brunch for two overjoyed families.