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It’s all about the socks…

socksThe socks are getting wild and it is just so whimsical and fun!  Here are Robert and Thomas sharing a silly moment before their wedding ceremony. If you look closely, you will see the black dots on the bright orange fabric.  So perfect as we were days away from Halloween!  These two took great delight in the fine-tuned details of the day.  From their letter-press fall themed invitations, to their custom fall leaf cake (with tiny sculpted pumpkins) they oversaw that the best was selected for their guests.  Regardless of the work they put into their day, their humor was their ballast as it all played out seamlessly.


Daniel and his fellows

DnlClowning with me in the Atrium Room at the Salish Lodge just before the wedding is my ideal team:  Good Buddy Thomas, Groom Daniel, Brother Michael and soon to be Bro-in-law, Adam.  I cherish the goofy minutes before the ceremony.  The energy seems electric and the joy is heady.  Thank you Daniel and Alyssa – I have so loved working and playing with you!

Alyssa and Her Mama…

AlysMmaOne of the favorite things about my work is meeting my couple’s families.  Here is Our Mother of the Bride cuddling with her daughter.  Denise escorted Alyssa down the aisle and was oh so honored to do so.  How these two were able to be ready by ten o’clock in the morning is beyond me.  But they were!  We shared lots of laughter and tears during the ceremony.  The Salish Lodge hosted a fabulous brunch for two overjoyed families.

Kimberlee – so lovely!

KimblKimberlee is now  a mother of three!  She has two boys, Hunter, (8) and Logan, (6).  Ryan has his seven year old son, Greyson.  It was a busy wedding day keeping it all flowing smoothly, but Kimberlee is equal to the task! We enjoyed a beautiful evening at The Golf Club and Newcastle with Erik Franklin taking very good care of us.  If you are admiring her STUNNING bouquet, credit falls to Jon Robert Throne of Countryside Floral and Garden.  He seemed to make it all magical with reds that popped against all the white.  Wishing this wonderful family much joy in the years to come!

There are no words…

dbWMary – We were just talking about you tonight and thought we would drop you a note. It’s been a busy week back at work but the buzz continues!! Daniel was talking with friends about everything and the one consistent strand in all of it – they loved the ceremony you led. The opening you did for us was really beautiful and the guests could see the comments were heartfelt and genuine. It’s such an honor and a blessing to meet and connect with you.  XOXO, Brian and Daniel

db: You are most welcome… it has been an over-the-top experience to be a part of your life.  And I love that we are still making plans for more mischief!  XOXO right back.  ~Mama

Poster Children…

PstrWell, they are!  Brian and Daniel’s Academy Award Themed Wedding was truly astounding. The RED CARPET, THE STEP AND REPEAT BACK DROP, THE PAPARAZZI, THE SEATLE SUNSET, THE FOUR SEASONS HOTEL!  And let’s not overlook the custom movie posters!!!  I was so thrilled to see all the vendors names where the key players are usually posted in the “billing” section. Just in awe of the creative genius that went into this evening.  Bravo!!!!

Jacky – take a bow!

JckyHere is Jacky Grotle, (Event Success) calmly taking care of a few more details for Brian and Daniel’s OVER THE TOP wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel in October. She looks SO relaxed because it is ALL DONE!  The step and repeat banner, the red carpet, the ballroom dressed to the hilt. It was the EVENT of the year and she breezed through it as if it was a children’s birthday party! Daniel and Brian are still receiving praises about their fabulous wedding.

Here is my quote for the Four Seasons Hotel Wedding Website:

“Brian and Daniel’s wedding was a paramount triumph because it balanced the fun, the creative, the spectacular with the sacred celebration of two exceptional people in a long term relationship.  The countless and spectacular details were calmly orchestrated by the master event planner Jacky Grotle as the evening quite literally perked with excitement, joy, wonderment, and kinship.  When we pepper the magic of Hollywood with a soulful deliberateness, it makes for a permanent imprint on our very being.”