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The Distinctive Wedding Ceremony – a labor of love


Completing my fifteen year project has been an all-encompassing focus this past winter!  My wedding ceremony book is the first book to include ALL couples of ALL beliefs.  Laura Cassidy, Editor in Chief of Seattle Met Bride and Groom has this to say:

Required Reading: The Distinctive Wedding Ceremony by Reverend Mary Calhoun

Seattle wedding officiant pens a must-read volume of vows and more for same sex and opposite sex couples in the Northwest and the rest of the world.

These days, so much emphasis is placed on how weddings look—and what kind of salmon and Syrah are served, and how long the signature cocktails were poured, and how good the photobooth was—that it’s possible to forget here and there that the party is not just a party but a coming together of lives.

Couples hoping to elude the nearly inevitable post-wedding slump (something akin to day-after-Christmas meloncholy) would do well to shift the focus such that color palettes and cake pedastals are second to the exchange of vows and a personal, meaningful ceremony.

Easier said than done you say, and you’re right.

But now there’s this: Seattle wedding officiant Mary Calhoun‘s Distinctive Wedding Ceremony.

While the jacket and promo copy promises to do the pretty much impossible and appeal to all couples regardless of orientation, age, creed, and philosophy, well, who better than to actually deliver on that than one of the top vendors in a city known for love and marraige for all?

And regardless of all that, the couple you need the text to appeal to you is the couple you’re a part of.

With more than 80 ceremony templates to ponder and lots of lists and how-tos (from decidedly unromantic—Facility Rental Checklist—to meatier primers on defining your marriage mission and keeping romance alive) to reference, Calhoun’s fresh, immediate, fun, and conversational text is a real resource for real couples.