Monthly Archives: October 2015

My “A” Team!!!

myboysThese fellows had my back.  This team of Best Guys had a great time meeting, greeting, escorting and charming their way through the Big  Day at the Arctic Club Dome Room.  (Attempting to deliver 200 plus guests to their seats can be a daunting task.) Our groom, Hwan is on the far left front.  Flanked by his most cooperative buds, Max, Kevin, Andy, Jason, Wes, Mike, Khan, Jon and Will!  Thanks guys for the laughter and the team spirit.


R&R at Roche Harbor… ahhhh….

slippersMost of my co-workers and I agree – because we work such long hours in the summer season, we have to capture snippets of magic when they present themselves.  And perhaps by doing so – we appreciate the summer tastes, smells and laughter just a little bit more than others.  Well, that’s the rationale anyway!  Here is one of my favorite moments of the summer at Roche Harbor, relaxing in the middle of a busy wedding weekend.  (Beautiful slippers provided by dear friend Kathy.)

Two of My Favorite Couples

Two of my favorite couples were reunited  in August.  Such great fun to work with Christopher and Ryan (far right) for their wedding that played out so beautifully on June 13th at Golf Club at Newcastle.  When sister Stace was married to Alex at Januik Winery in Woodinville – my fellas were in the front row! Ah, what a  summer of LOVE for this family.


Once the Mother of the Bride – Now it’s her Big Day!

jacqueWhen Jacque wrote to me about performing her wedding, I was enchanted.  We’ve seen each other many times over the years.  When her daughter Jessica was married to Kelly in 2006 and the two Baby Blessings since.  So another reunion – one that focused on Jacque – was a welcome event.  To Rick & Jacque – looking forward to many more family gatherings.  So happy for you both.

Colin Gordon’s Baby Blessing…

ColinIt is always a precious event when I am able to hold my client’s sweet baby – and this day was no exception.  It was great fun to catch up with Kirsty and Michael since I did their wedding in 2012.  Kirsty’s  parents came half way around the world to join us.  Colin’s namesake, Great Grandfather Gordon was married on Colin Gordon’s birthday in April.  Lot’s of sacred connections to the past.  Congratulations to Michael and Kirsty and thank you for sharing this beautiful Baby Colin with me!