Monthly Archives: June 2016

Celebrating Team Effort…

janell2Last night Seattle Bride Magazine hosted  their annual awards party for the talented and h
ard working wedding community.  Basically it is a warm, supportive love-fest.  A night when we, the vendors, are not in service – nor minding a clock.  Great food is shared, vibrant music is enjoyed, our best party attire is donned and cold beverages are plentiful.  This is a delightful recipe for reunion merriment!  After 25 years and  heaps of trust given and received – this is now my family.  For this “Best Officiant” award I am deeply honored.  I am beholden for the on-going commitment and inspiration of this collective group.

To my dear friend (and adopted sister) Janell – who is always so supportive – thanks for sharing the amazing evening with me.