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So thrilled…

prtydrsIt was so much fun to get dressed up and enjoy a reunion like Seattle Bride Magazine hosted on Tuesday evening.  I am so grateful for my clients and colleagues that voted for me in the “Best Officiant” category.  Many thanks to the lovely Ali Brownrigg, Editor and the gracious Michelle DeRuen, Associate Publisher, for all of their hard work making this magical evening happen.  Great fun to see so many of my dear friends be recognized as finalists and winners in all fields.  To think that we are in service doing something for which we have great passion is truly a wonderful thing!  The powerful sense of camaraderie that has blossomed over the years makes life enriching and just plain FUN.

Stellar Cast!

magTuesday evening Seattle Bride Magazine hosted another fabulous evening of acknowledgment for the hard working members of Seattle’s wedding industry. We gathered at The Foundry and BJ Duft rolled out the red carpet.  Such an honor to make it to the top three finalists as “Best Officiant” AND an even greater distinction to be named “Best Of” this year.  In the final round of voting for this award, only our fellow vendors weigh in.  I felt an overwhelming sense of love and support on Tuesday night and am so grateful for the continuing encouragement from this community.


Words of Wisdom



Fall Edition… Seattle Met B&G!



Groom’s Guide in Seattle Met Bride and Groom

It was an enriching process to work with writer, Dameon Pesanti on this article in Seattle Met’s Bride and Groom Magazine regarding the imaginative aspects of the personalized wedding ceremony.  (Summer/Fall 2013)  We covered so many of the updated versions of time-honored rituals in countless cultures.  Dameon was raised in the small town of Butte, Montana, where he had only experienced ONE type of wedding service throughout his lifetime.  So it was fun to chat about the variety and creativity of my writings and methods!  The wonderful thing about Seattle, is that it fosters an amalgam  of traditions and lifestyles, each invaluable in its own way!


Seattle Bride Magazine – pearls of wisdom

SBartSeattle Bride Magazine does such an impressive job of summing up my work.   Their insightful questions for the interview were timely and pointed.  The wedding process is stressful – so the advice in the Fall 2013 issue from seasoned pros is invaluable!

The Family Wedding…

So frequently there is a “NEW”  family being blessed at my weddings.  It is always such a tender moment when we include the children!  To Scott and Debbie – this moment will always be remembered!