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K and K

KlaKenKenny and Kayla are such a treat.  I’ve had a ball getting to know them.  Our dinner was a sweet success as we detailed their final decisions surrounding their wedding ceremony.  This is going to so much fun… the Seattle Aquarium with great food, fabulous music, stellar parents and long-time friends.  What could be better?  So thrilled that I get to be a part of this!

Sunset Reception

CorMegFor Meghan and Corey, it is all about the October sunset and timing for their wedding day! We enjoyed our dinner together finalizing the plans for their waterfront celebration.  Timelines, colors, Irish Traditions and food were the topics of conversation.  Great fun to hear their story, reconnect and fine tune the ceremony.  Corey adores his Grandmother and he will be escorting her in… the details will all be like that – thoughtful, sentimental and honoring what is important.

Let’s do a residency at the U of W and plan a wedding…

AmyAndIt has been a crazy-busy year for Andrew and Amy – but come August there will be a wedding!  We first met last August so it was great fun to enjoy a casual dinner and get caught up.  Andrew is Protestant and Amy is Jewish.  We have had great fun melding the traditions so that they both feel “at home” with this celebration.  So looking forward to meeting their wonderful families.  Finally!

Too much fun…

ErcJerEric and Jeremy…I have such a connection to these two.  Perhaps it is because of their love of gardening… or that Eric is a bee keeper.  Maybe it is because they will be married in their backyard among their flowers and pets and bees and friends and family. It could be that Jeremy and Eric are filled with purpose and they are working so hard on their ceremony.  Then there is the decade that they have been together and we finally get to make this legal.  Okay, fine:  All of the above.  Love our time together.

Dalip plus Zoe equals a BIG day…

ZoeDalDalip’s mother will travel all the way from India to join in the festivities.  Their individual customs are being woven together for the ceremony, a horse has been rented for the entrance, fires shall be walked around and fun shall be had!  Of this, I am certain.  Zoe and Dalip joined me recently for dinner and a great chat about love, their day,  their families.  All the important things!  So looking forward to this amazing day.

Liesie loves Chad

LsiChdAnd vice versa.  They are so much FUN.  Their scheme:  Teeney-tiney ceremony followed by a grand celebration at Sodo Park! Over the top creativity, scrumptious food, excellent music.  So sweet to have a little reunion with Chad and Liesie, eat well and get caught up a few weeks ago.  Bonus… I get to work with Lisa Chambers.  Amazing event planner and calm presence!   Cannot wait.

Great Scheme

AshJonAshley and Jonathan have been so intentional in the design of their ceremony.  It  will be a fabulous wedding at one of Seattle’s best venues (and best kept secrets) Seattle Golf Club.  We enjoyed a tasty dinner recently to discuss the details of their big day. If they look happy – they have every right to be.  Just perfect together!

Brian and Joe – Seattle Bound!

JoeBrnThese two are traveling all the way from Wray, Colorado for their destination wedding in July.  We are planning on a small, intimate gathering at the Alexis Hotel.  It will be a warm reunion and joy is on the menu.  Brian and Joe have waited 19 years for their big day and we will celebrate the miracles of the season… not the least of which is their long-term dedication.  So thrilled to be a part of my fellas journey!

Brianne and Erik – It’s been a year!

BriErkI first met Brianne one year ago.  Erik was still in the military but she wanted to get the wedding organized early.  It was great fun to finally meet Erik when they joined me for dinner recently.  We have much to celebrate – their new life TOGETHER and lots of wonderful family joining us for their well-planned wedding in April.  It will be one of those “at last” moments when we all take a deep breathe and say, “finally.”

As right as rain…

KtiBriKatie and Brian  embrace the adage that less truly is MORE.  Their wedding day will be one of intentional ease and play-fulness sprinkled with comfort.  Our venue is the Salish Lodge where eleven us will gather soon.  We enjoyed a meal of comfort as well and discussed an updated version of their plan.  And even though it may be raining this weekend – I can’t imagine it will have an impact on their relaxed spirits.  It was fun to hear how they met five years ago playing kick ball.  Their story seems to go with how they journey through their life – no stress.  Just right.