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An easy-going wedding…Nicole and Kevin

KevNicThat’s right.  It sounds counter-intuitive, right?  But that is just how Nicki and Kevin roll.  They BOTH looked stunning and so incredibly happy.  Novelty Hill-Januik Winery was our venue where the rain threatened all day… but we were having NONE of it! Nicki and Kevin loved including their families in the ceremony, Sister Jamie was our Maid of Honor and their two brother’s signed on our legal documents.  Friends made the flower center pieces and the family was all on board to help guests be seated.  Truly a family affair!  Such an honor to be a part of this amazing day.

A New Family for Spring!

YounceKrissi and Nic decided to host a family reunion that just happened to have a wedding dropped into the middle of it!  A fabulous plan: Rent a huge home at Suncadia, fill it with their loving families, give everyone a job – and wear red!  It was the most delightful gathering with high spirits and an outpouring of family support. I adored being a part of this magic!

Dana + Kris – what a magnificent day!

DnaWedConfession: it was impossible for me to be objective about this wedding.  I have worked with Dana for many years now.  FUN and RELAXED was the order of the day – and you can tell by this candid photo that Dana and Kris accomplished just that.  The gathering was one that shared a rich history of friendship and family.  Kris and Dana remained true to their intentions of being genuine, romantic and present.  They took time to honor their families.  They recognized their friends.  Their story was shared, laughter abounded and fine memories were made.  It was heartfelt and soulful.  Dana and Kris – thank you for allowing me to be a part of this magnificent day.

Missy and David at The Four Seasons…

MsyDvdIt was lovely – on every level.   I admired how Missy and David involved their sweet mothers in their wedding.  Carol and Sue were invited to be part of the Unity Candle Ceremony and  signed the marriage documents.   Meeting David’s mother, Carol (pictured here) was such a lesson in resilience.  David’s father had passed away four weeks before this scheduled celebration.  Carol was full of grace and charm throughout the day.  Bravo! Special thanks to Lisa Chambers, who is one delightful event planner and helped make the magic happen!

So many memories…

AngWedAngela and Brandon have known each other for many years.  They were buddies back in the day.  Isn’t it fascinating how life unfolds? Their friends and family gathered from all over the United States.  Seattle’s sun shined on us.  There was much to celebrate.  For instance, Brandon and Angela’s parents have been together for over 66 combined married years.  What a gift to the bride and groom that is!  Special thanks to Megan at A Kurant Event.  So calm; such a fun person. Lots of dreams came true that day at the Edgewater Hotel!

Jed and Elisabeth, I heart them!

JdElisWI must admit, this was just too much fun.  From the moment I met them, I knew that it was going to be a charming and fun process.  AND IT WAS!  An
“out of the box” yet somehow traditional adventure.  Our calm and stellar leader, Lisa Chambers, brought into play all the  whimsical creativity that seemed to be a natural outpouring from Jed and Elisabeth.  Here is my darling couple with their treasured mothers.

A beautiful note was found in my post recently:

Hi Mary, We cannot thank you enough for how special you made our wedding ceremony.  We were both deeply touched (and a little humbled even) by your wonderful introduction.  It really set the tone for the entire evening of genesis, renewal, and merriment. So many of our dearest friends and family commented on how “us” the ceremony was and you were indispensable to making that happen.  And beyond the ceremony, we now have a mission statement that will guide our lives as a couple and evolve over time.  This has been a truly remarkable journey.  From our hearts and home, we thank you.  ~Elisabeth and Jed

Brooke + Lindy!

LBTo say this wedding was glamourous would be an understatement.  The Four Seasons is always so lovely, but this was exceptional – again!  Brooke and Lindy cuddled throughout the ceremony.  So comfortable and cozy – in front of 217 guests!  It was easy and sweet.  We included Vows for their daughter Lennon and a special family blessing. Lots of sniffling in the congregation!  And laughter too.  It has been such a treat to help prepare them for this time.  And so rewarding to watch it play out.  If Brooke looks radiant, it is only because she was!  And Lindy was her perfect match.  Kind of like a fairy tale.

Janet and Jesica at The Salish…

JJThese two have waited for some time for this change in our legal system.  We enjoyed a very spontaneous time at the Salish recently, celebrating their long term relationship – and now marriage.  Their very capable daughter Maddy baked their wedding cake.  Daughter Sophia was one of our flower girls.  We were highly supported by family and dear friends. Always a blessing. The Salish Lodge is so beautiful at this time of year, with the turning of the leaves. But these two gave the day another level of beauty.  Congratulations.  You two have been very patient waiting for this day!

My fellas… you are welcome!

ThmRbWThe Edgewater Hotel hosted us for a fabulous evening.  Live jazz, fine wine, great food, two spectacular families – all of whom traveled some distance.  High school friends from all over the country helped to make certain this union was celebrated properly. Both parents escorted their son down the aisle. Here on the left is Groom Thomas, Center is Bro Mathew and on the right is Groom Rob.  It has been such a sweet journey.  A recent note from them:

Hi Mary
Thomas and I want to thank you so much for making our wedding magical! Everyone raved about how wonderful you were and how happy we looked. 
Rob and Thomas- newlyweds!

Alyssa and Her Mama…

AlysMmaOne of the favorite things about my work is meeting my couple’s families.  Here is Our Mother of the Bride cuddling with her daughter.  Denise escorted Alyssa down the aisle and was oh so honored to do so.  How these two were able to be ready by ten o’clock in the morning is beyond me.  But they were!  We shared lots of laughter and tears during the ceremony.  The Salish Lodge hosted a fabulous brunch for two overjoyed families.