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Missy and David at The Four Seasons…

MsyDvdIt was lovely – on every level.   I admired how Missy and David involved their sweet mothers in their wedding.  Carol and Sue were invited to be part of the Unity Candle Ceremony and  signed the marriage documents.   Meeting David’s mother, Carol (pictured here) was such a lesson in resilience.  David’s father had passed away four weeks before this scheduled celebration.  Carol was full of grace and charm throughout the day.  Bravo! Special thanks to Lisa Chambers, who is one delightful event planner and helped make the magic happen!

Jed and Elisabeth, I heart them!

JdElisWI must admit, this was just too much fun.  From the moment I met them, I knew that it was going to be a charming and fun process.  AND IT WAS!  An
“out of the box” yet somehow traditional adventure.  Our calm and stellar leader, Lisa Chambers, brought into play all the  whimsical creativity that seemed to be a natural outpouring from Jed and Elisabeth.  Here is my darling couple with their treasured mothers.

A beautiful note was found in my post recently:

Hi Mary, We cannot thank you enough for how special you made our wedding ceremony.  We were both deeply touched (and a little humbled even) by your wonderful introduction.  It really set the tone for the entire evening of genesis, renewal, and merriment. So many of our dearest friends and family commented on how “us” the ceremony was and you were indispensable to making that happen.  And beyond the ceremony, we now have a mission statement that will guide our lives as a couple and evolve over time.  This has been a truly remarkable journey.  From our hearts and home, we thank you.  ~Elisabeth and Jed