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Missy and David at The Four Seasons…

MsyDvdIt was lovely – on every level.   I admired how Missy and David involved their sweet mothers in their wedding.  Carol and Sue were invited to be part of the Unity Candle Ceremony and  signed the marriage documents.   Meeting David’s mother, Carol (pictured here) was such a lesson in resilience.  David’s father had passed away four weeks before this scheduled celebration.  Carol was full of grace and charm throughout the day.  Bravo! Special thanks to Lisa Chambers, who is one delightful event planner and helped make the magic happen!


Jacky – take a bow!

JckyHere is Jacky Grotle, (Event Success) calmly taking care of a few more details for Brian and Daniel’s OVER THE TOP wedding at the Four Seasons Hotel in October. She looks SO relaxed because it is ALL DONE!  The step and repeat banner, the red carpet, the ballroom dressed to the hilt. It was the EVENT of the year and she breezed through it as if it was a children’s birthday party! Daniel and Brian are still receiving praises about their fabulous wedding.

Here is my quote for the Four Seasons Hotel Wedding Website:

“Brian and Daniel’s wedding was a paramount triumph because it balanced the fun, the creative, the spectacular with the sacred celebration of two exceptional people in a long term relationship.  The countless and spectacular details were calmly orchestrated by the master event planner Jacky Grotle as the evening quite literally perked with excitement, joy, wonderment, and kinship.  When we pepper the magic of Hollywood with a soulful deliberateness, it makes for a permanent imprint on our very being.”