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AT LAST – Marcia and Patty

MrcPtiSo many folks in the wedding industry know Patty and Marcia as the FUN owners of Countryside Floral and Garden in Issaquah.  These fabulous ladies have been together for 33 years!  The theme for their wedding was so appropriate:  “AT LAST”.  Over 100 people came to their park-like garden to help them celebrate!  And an IDEAL day it was.  Marcia and Patty’s garden was abundantly colorful, their family and friends were ecstatic to be included in this over-the-moon, joyful celebration and the weather was PERFECT!   The talented “flower sculptors” at Countryside Floral outdid themselves with lavish displays of Hawaiian foliage in gigantic baskets.  I was able to stay and visit with the NEW owner of Countryside Floral and Garden (the wonderful and talented) Jon Robert Throne.  Who did, indeed, send me an amazing bouquet the following day.   Thank you, Darling!


The Lovely Elizabeth, Mama of the Bride

It is always such an honor when my dear friends want to involve me in their children’s weddings. ( And a double honor when their children believe me to be equal to the task as well.) Saturday found about 70 family and friends gathering at the Columbia Tower Club to celebrate Elizabeth’s daughter’s wedding.  We were a great team as her daughter Laura and our groom, Matthew are with the US State Department on the other side of the globe.  Elizabeth’s touches were found everywhere.  From Judy Tallant’s (Tallant House) fabulous chocolate cake to Jon Robert Throne’s (Countryside Floral) purple sprays of fresh flowers.  It was all delightful, Lovely Elizabeth!

A note from Elizabeth today:

Mary,  Just wanted to say how much we appreciated your contribution to Laura’s wonderful wedding.  Don’t know how we could have done it without you!

Thanks again for the ceremony–we got many positive comments on how personal and lovely it was! Love you!   Elizabeth