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Joe loves Fang

(It really is pronounced “Fong” just in case you are wondering.)  When Dubai meets China great things happen!  Here is Fang with her new brother and mother in-law just before we lined up to enter.  My favorite element about this wedding was the sincere respect shown to both of the bride’s and groom’s mothers.  Fang’s mother, Yunqui walked Fang up the aisle and also signed on our legal documents after the ceremony.  Joe escorted his mother, Mila up the aisle and gave her a huge hug before he sat her.  It was a tender day for both mamas, who had traveled such a long distance.  I am certain that because the parents were so included in the activities of the wedding week that this helped to ease the mother’s emotions considerably.   Wishing you much happiness Fang and Joe – and continue taking good care of your mamas!