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Fun for a cause…

XmasTrHere is Leslie and Sean Wheatley of Seattle Parties (“Best DJ’s”) with BJ Duft of Sodo Park/Herban Feast (“Best of Many Things”) and me having great fun at a charity fundraiser for Providence earlier in December.  It was a fabulous party – with proceeds donated to the very worthy Providence Senior and Community Services.  Leslie worked year-around on this event and Bravo!  She gave us clip-on bird decorations for our trees as party favors – so our group adorned ourselves with her gifts!  The ladies at our table also decided to wear hats for the evening.  It helped put us in the Holiday Spirit!


Stellar Couple!

Sammy and Michael:  They are so impressive!  Every wedding has their glitches:  some little, some big.  For this wedding, it was a sweet grandmother that took a spill just before the wedding.  We all had to rally and make the best of the day.  The good news is that Grandma is doing well, Sammy and Michael are back from honeymoon in Paris and London and they are well on their way to moving to L.A. to pursue their careers.  Best of luck to you both!  From Lori’s mother a day after the wedding: Thank you so much for being there in her time of need….you were a rock.

Danielle – Pure Joy!

I just love this photo of my smiling bride. Danielle’s twinkle is the pure essence of what a wedding day is all about.  JOY.  Pure and simple.  And why not?  She and Chris took great care to select a wonderful team – to whom they happily entrusted the countless details that were so important to them both.  And the ambiance mirrored back to them the essential facets that meant most.  After all the decisions are made and in play – the last piece of the  vision is always the guests.  This truly is a key factor in the synergy of the day.  And on this group, Chris and Danielle’s finely crafted scheme was NOT wasted.  The Bride and Groom brought together a lifetime of jubilant friends to share their divine happiness!  Special thanks to Heather Perera of Paprika Events, Michael Benson and Garden Party.

Heavenly Celeste

To try to capture this ethereal creation through a camera lens is almost senseless!  It was a such a joy to be able to have this vast sculpture gracing the altar area at a recent wedding at Sodo Park.  Celeste Cooning is the talented artist that created this canopy reminiscent of angel wings!  I love how the light danced through the slits of cut paper and cast shapes on the floor.  Find Celeste by clicking on her name!




Comfortable Elegance!

This pretty much sums up the theme for Aislinn and Peter’s wedding at Sodo Park.  When we first met last December we discussed a wedding that would honor their guests, be a great time for everyone and most importantly: be comfortable!  Mission Accomplished.  Their parents share over 60 years of steady commitment between them and we had a grandmother join us all the way from Virginia!  Peter and Aislinn adore one another’s siblings – and all were included in the wedding party.  This photo of Aislinn typifies the relaxed feel of the day.  Wishing you two every happiness in your future adventures.  Special thanks to “Wedding Angel” Kristen Pentland of Sodo Park/Herban Feast for her attention to detail and Jeremy, for taking such good care of us!  The food was as amazing as always!!!

A note from Peter’s parents yesterday:  Dear Reverend Mary,  We wanted to Thank You again for such a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony.  You were wonderful and set such a perfect tone.  We enjoyed meeting you!  We wish you the best and Thank You again!  Warm Regards, Cathy & Pete