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A book exchange at their wedding… why not?

BkExchI could post for hours about the unique and fabulous touches that Elisabeth and Jed introduced at their wedding.  Elisabeth spent untold hours with her friends filling empty eggs with confetti.  These eggs were used for the couple to crack over one another’s heads after the kiss at the end of the wedding ceremony!!! All of the guests had them packaged under their seats and were invited to join in the fun before Jed and Elisabeth walked back down the aisle.  (Rev. Mary may have felt one hit her head as well.)  The laughter and merriment were astounding!  I was equally charmed by the book exchange.  We were all to bring a book to share and invited to select one from the table to take home.  Tonight I will pack an “easy reader” into my luggage and take it with me for my grandchild in California.  A treasured book that holds such fond memories of a magical wedding.