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A Day of Miracles…

The challenges were overwhelming at times.  But the result was astounding! grlsHere is my beautiful bride Jill, her lovely mother, Diana and talented daughter Ryanne. This wedding was scheduled so that Mother Diana could share in the joy NOW, as she is an active cancer patient.  But it was our groom’s mother, Coleen that spent the week in the hospital!  Our Mother of the Groom was released just in time for the sun to shine brightly last Saturday and join in the festivities!  Ryan and Jill have waited NINE years for this wedding, so Ryanne (who is 13 years old!) sang “At Last” as Jill entered.  It was potent!

Just yesterday from Jill:  Mary, There aren’t enough words to describe the joy in Ryan and my heart.  Saturday was a miraculous demonstration of God’s love and gifts in our lives.  I am so thankful and appreciative of everything that came together on Saturday to make for such a special day.  YOU were such a LARGE part of that day’s blessings.  As I had mentioned when we first met, second to having a small and intimate wedding it was most important who married us.  You were PERFECT and such a gift.  Thank you!!!!  With love and appreciation….   Jill

Jill and Ryan – it was such an privilege to work – and play with you both!!!