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Best Wedding Dress Story EVER!!!

DrsI love the stories that I get to hear along the way.   Many of which I am not at liberty to share – but this one is open to the public!!!   (It involves my cute bride from a few blogs back -I posted her fabulous engagement photos: Meagan and Chad/December 2012.)

So…Meagan found THE PERFECT DRESS (and no, Chad this is not it) in a magazine.  You know what I am about to say next…when she called about THE PERFECT DRESS it was no longer being made.  Well, now it is too late because Meagan is going into obsessive overdrive.  She starts stalking THE PERFECT DRESS.  Meagan, being a very determined spirit, finds a bride on You Tube dancing in THE PERFECT DRESS!  It takes some doing, but she contacts the You Tube Bride.  More sad news:  THE PERFECT DRESS has been resold to another bride (who lives on the east coast of Canada) !!!  But now Meagan has  some good news:  It is the perfect size!  So the ever-so-smart You Tube Bride puts the two PERFECT DRESS stalker brides together!  Happy ending: my adventurous bride Meagan hops a plane and in a 24 hour travel extravaganza procures THE (well-loved) PERFECT DRESS …that is in ideal condition.

I guess, the lesson in this for me, is that we shouldn’t give up or settle.. but persevere.  Thank you Meagan – apparently I needed to learn that one again!