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Time to start the party!

It is always a cozy time when the ceremony is complete and we escape to sign the county documents.  Tania from Azzura Photography captured the essence of this elated group at Newcastle a few weeks ago just after Anar and Solongo’s wedding!

Yesterday I received a  kind note from Solongo:

Dear Mary, Thank you so much for performing our ceremony. The day was truly a dream come true for us – from the weather, to the music, to the ceremony, to the guests – everything was perfect. You did a wonderful job! Thanks again, Solongo & Anar

Let the sun shine…

Mike and Anna’s wedding was a year in the making!  As both the bride and groom are affiliated with the wedding industry in the Seattle area, they respect the details.  And the details were intricate for the 150 guests that gathered at Lord Hill Farm on this PERFECT July evening.  It went as smooth as silk.  And this is always an invitation to relax and enjoy the day!  Here are Anna and Mike with their siblings and friends – notice the smiles!!!  A great group of attendants helping us get the event done with grace and decorum!

These Behind the Scenes Magicians should take a bow for their seamless savvy:  NW Signature Events (“Day Of”) Ms. Jessie Jewett, Jen and Jody Photography, Travis Terry from Sounds Unlimited (DJ) and last but not least, great video guy:  Jeremy Almeda, Endlesslove Productions. Jeremy has already created this fabulous video from the event… click on his link to be wowed!


Fun and Games…

From the first time I met Heather and Nathan there was an instant click.  So when I met their families during their wedding week, the click just got louder.  Their love of life and laughter is so contagious.  The country setting at Swans Trails Farm inspired bagpipe music, peach cobbler, lawn games, pinatas and a fabulous menu.  The little boy in Nathan got excited every time he talked about their wedding. Heather and Nathan described their ideal day as “the best wedding we’ve ever been to”.   Marianne Graham from the Artful Posey helped create a most lovely day – truly!

As you wish…

From the giggling that came from my introduction straight out of the wedding scene from The Princess Bride  to the Dread Pirate Roberts boat that cruised by us shouting while Groomsman Stephen was reading, the day was filled with grins.  Levity was on the menu.  Irina and Erin wanted an UNSTUFFY bent to their day.  Here is Irina trying to cool down in front of the fan upstairs on the Skansonia Ferry docked at Lake Union.  She was being so goofy, I just had so snap this shot.  It was a ever-so-happy day that will be memorable to all that were fortunate enough to be included.  Special thanks to my sidekicks:  Chris Ohta Photography and Mobile Celebrations (DJ).  You were wonderful!

Classic Beauty

On her wedding day, Tamara looked like an exquisite painting that one would find in a fine arts museum.  All the well thought-out details of the past many months fell into place perfectly as this country backyard ceremony came alive with laughter, love and special Family Promises.   The morning sunshine shone down after a week of rain, being the ideal blessing of the day!

Congratulations to Dave, Tamara and son, David.  May you know countless years of happiness and joy!

Resse + Rachel

We all took a break from our summer work schedules to enjoy a relaxing evening to get better acquainted and catch up with the BIG DAY scheme of things.  Rachel and Resse are interfacing with the graceful event planner, Claudine Ursino for their outdoor-themed wedding in late September.  It’s been a six year excursion for Resse and Rachel to arrive at this wedding day!  They will be joined by their nearest and dearest for a fine celebration – worthy of the wait.

Ahhh… The Backyard Wedding

Yesterday I was chatting with my buddy Jeremy Almeda from Endless Love Productions (amazing wedding video guy) about our clients Shannon and Chris and their charming little April wedding in West Seattle.  He put together a great video highlighting their special touches:

And in my post box (minutes after I watched Jeremy’s creative footage on You Tube) was a note from Shannon and Chris:

Dear Rev. Mary,  We just wanted to thank you for all the ways you helped to make our wedding just right for us.  It was exactly the type of celebration that we hoped for – surrounded by our closest friends, lots of laughter, and special meaningful touches that we will remember with joy.  Thank you for making it so easy to plan long distance.  We could tell that we were in good hands and truly appreciated your kindness and support throughout the planning process.  Thanks so much for everything!  Shannon & Chris

Mother/Daughter Veils

I loved how Richard and Bobbi Lynn included Annika in their wedding festivites last Saturday.   From our first meeting in January, Annika has been an integral part of this wedding.   Notice the white dress and veil, along with the excitement on Annika’s face!  It was a magical gathering of family and friends.  Special thanks to DJ Leslie from Seattle Parties for being so helpful in so many ways.  And to “Wedding Angel” Kristin at Columbia Tower Club, for your service in always making everyone so happy!  It was an international gathering that seemed to fairly glow with Pacific Northwest charm.  To Richard and Bobbi Lynn – wishing you every happiness in your new life in Dubai!

New Family!

Saturday evening was oh-so- memorable!  The Columbia Tower Club was a distinctive setting for an intimate celebration.  Richard and Bobbi Lynn had much to commemorate!  Their families had traveled from all over the world to join them for their delightful day, the rain had let up to show off Seattle in all of its glory and our little Angel Annika was going to have a new father!  Richard honored Annika with a heart shaped ring when we conducted the Family Promise.  After he placed the ring on her finger, Annika, so naturally leaned into Richard for a warm hug.  Truly precious and a “tear-starter moment” for all!

Father and Son…

Here we are at Thornewood Castle – the fairy tale venue located on American Lake in Tacoma.  This is where Paul and Janelle were married in the “Secret Garden” a few weeks ago.  Such a magical moment captured before the day became too busy…. Paul is with their son Jayden having a cuddle and some “guy time” as the event was just being set up.  ALL the fellows looked fabulous in their morning coats…almost outdoing the ladies!  Claudine Ursino, with La Belle Soiree, was amazing as the event planner for this festive gathering – keeping it all running smoothly.  Janelle and Paul – such fun and laughter!  It was worth the journey!!!  Timeless, indeed!