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Team Kelsey!

What can I say?  It was an over-the-top fabulous wedding where everything is jaw-dropping impressive.  Like the wooden dowel/cloth-printed scroll style invitations.  Or the whispy feathers on Kelsey’s dress and oozing out of the bouquets!  Of course Kelsey would pick November at the Arctic Club Dome Room with seating in the round!!! Just add her signature colors of red and teal and you just about have it.  Oh yes, the bride somehow found time to make me a “Thank You” jar of homemade granola. Really!   From her mother Donna (with a box of homemade cookies):  “Mary, Thank you for walking Kelsey and Jason expertly through the most important day of their lives, With Gratitude, Donna”

This is a photo of the radiant Kelsey and her best girls.  Joy is in the air!

You are so welcome…

What a sweet note from Drew and Patricia… it was just so much fun working with them…

“Mary – Thank you so much for helping to make our dream wedding come true!  Your words and presence made the ceremony the most special part of our day!  It was a complete honor to have your there by our side.  

Love, Tricia and Drew”

Baby Cecilia!

This is one of the finest perks of my job – meeting up again with my couples in their lovely homes and celebrating the birth (and birthday) of their children.  Jennifer and Mathew’s parents and grandparents flew in from great distances to honor Cecilia’s first birthday and partake in her Baby Blessing last week.  It was enchanting for me to meet Cecilia and enjoy a reunion of family and friends.  “The Village” was complete when we set up a long distance Skype with Grandpa!

Katy and Greg: Has it already been five months?

What a fun surprise to hear from Greg and Katy yesterday!  These two will always have a very special place in my heart.  Their fun-loving spirits and creativity continues  to impress!  Greg decided to make a public notice of his gratitude during the Thanksgiving holiday – how sweet!   On Yelp:


Reverend Mary was our wedding officiant at our Summer 2012 wedding.  It took us a long time to pick an officiant because we were concerned about having a ceremony that really represented us, but we definitely found the right one!

I am so glad Reverend Mary was available when we e-mailed her. She is simply a master at creating perfect wedding ceremonies: she is serious and deliberate about what she does, but brings such remarkable warmth and enthusiasm to her work.   It was such a joy to get to know her over dinner (a delicious home-cooked meal she prepared) while she worked with us, planning our marriage.

Reverend Mary definitely has a fun charismatic gift for running the ceremony, but we really appreciated how seriously she took her role. She’s a real expert on marriage, but she always acted with great respect and deference to our beliefs and ideals. She was true to herself, but ultimately made it the best possible ceremony for us.

Highly recommended.

I loved working with you both and love that you continue to stay in touch!!!

A Busy Day at the Salish Lodge

Weddings are always a bustling affair – but when four children and countless nieces and nephews are woven into the fabric of the day, it becomes a hub!  It all shook out very well and I was so happy to hear from Vita and Wes when they sent me a copy of a review they wrote recently:

“Also for future brides, Reverend Mary was fantastic!!  Rev. Mary’s ceremony was personalized to us and delivered flawlessly.  Our guests have all commented on the ceremony!”

~These two have such an amazing faith and the humor to see them through all the challenges.  Sending them my love.

Baby Mason Cole

It has been a few years since I have seen Tara and Robert at JM Cellars on their wedding day.  So our recent reunion, that included their parents, was especially sweet.  This is Mason on his first birthday with a very grand cupcake that his mother had prepared just for him!  It was a precious Baby Blessing ceremony where we all contributed our loving wishes – both verbally and in a keepsake book Tara had prepared.  These rituals are divine because we truly raise a child as a community.  Mason is a well-loved child…oh so blessed!

Jolynn and Joshua – Such a treat!

I love this photo of these two – and their mascot McGregor on the dock at the Woodmark Hotel!

Dear Rev. Mary, Thank you so much for performing such a beautiful and meaningful ceremony.  I know that our parents, family and friends truly felt as much a part of the ceremony as we did.  Thanks again for welcoming us into your home and for all your words of wisdom and love.   Heart : )   Jolynn and Joshua

Kirsty and Michael … my pleasure !

When the dust settles in the late fall, I find myself getting caught up with so many things like organizing my basement, finding time to play with dear friends and – now my blog.  I was so honored to work with Kirsty and Michael last summer.  When I read their words it takes me vividly back to their most ideal day…

Mary – sweet Mary – Thank you so much for such a beautiful wedding ceremony.  Your personalized welcome was so touching and memorable.  Thank you getting to know us.  My wish was to be married by someone who knew us and I think I got my wish!  From the get-to-know-you-session at your house to the your pronouncement – and everything in between – we knew we were in good hands.  Thank you also for being so sweet about my Grandpa’s passing and including a Thanksgiving to the Grandparents – that was so special.  Love, Kirsty

Dear Mary, Thanks for making our wedding so special and memorable. We are so glad we found you, it was meant to be! Your words made everything just perfect.  Thanks again for everything!  Love, Michael