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Perfect in Every Way

Under the seasoned guidance of Stephanie Solomon, (Solomon Events) and Gerald Lim, (Four Seasons Hotel) it all came together in such a graceful fashion.  Joy was in the air as Scott and Debbie pledged their vows surrounded by oodles of  their high school friends and adoring families.  Guests gathered in Seattle from all over the world to honor these two… all with the same thought in mind.  Scott and Debbie – such a PERFECT match!  The plated dinner began with sweet potato and chestnut soup – and only became more wondrous with each course!  We had a great time in the photo booth – and taking home Fran’s chocolate salted caramels!  I have SO loved being part of your story, Debbie and Scott!  Thank you.

It won’t be long now…

We’re counting the days until we all meet up again for the rehearsal but everything seems ready to go!  Lori’s beautiful dress is altered and Mike’s Dress Blues are pressed.  Their scheme for their wedding is just to have fun… with overtones of reunion and goodbyes.  Mike is a Green Beret and will be deployed again two weeks following their wedding.  But in the meantime we’ll make the best of our time with him.  I loved that he arrived with a large assortment of cheesecake when we they came for dinner Tuesday evening!  Stay tuned… Mike has promised me that he and the other Green Berets (all in their Dress Blues) will pose with little cupcakes for me at the wedding.  This just makes me smile thinking of it!!!

Romance is in the Air!

The Salish Lodge is ALWAYS an ideal choice for the TRULY romantic!  Teri and Kevin have journeyed to this hide-away for years.  This is where Kevin popped the question and this is where their nearest and dearest gathered recently to witness their sweet vows.  Teri attached her grandmother’s brooch to her bouquet, her sons Ryan and Joey escorted Teri down the aisle and Kevin  brought in his darling mother, Chris.  Our handsome groom just couldn’t keep his eyes off his beautiful bride.  (It seems to me the most romantic among my clients get married near Valentine’s Day!)  The feast that followed was a foodie’s heaven!  Thanks you two for allowing me the honor of sharing this most wonderful day with you.

Reverend Mary ~ Just wanted to thank you again.  We received so many compliments on your service.    You are very special to us, and I hope that we can continue to keep in touch with you.

I will send you a couple pictures as soon as we get them.

Thank you again, Teri and Kevin



Two Fishermen… uh…Fisherpersons…

They have met their match.  While working in the fishing industry, they first crossed paths when Megan wanted to purchase Wayne’s boat.  A few fishing seasons later and here we are at their rehearsal.  Easy, comfortable and enjoying their family and friends… their shared vision for this wedding celebration.  Something tells me it will be like falling off a log!

Recently from this darling couple:

We both feel so blessed to know you. Looking forward to deepening our friendship in the years to come. Please, come visit us in Alaska!!!!!

Love you Mary,

Megan & Wayne

A Posh Tree House

Isn’t that why we all adore the elegant Canlis? It sits high above Lake Union amidst the trees, boasting delicious food and a caring staff.  Such a luxurious setting for an exceptional wedding.   Ahhhh!

Almost there!

And now I’m busy updating my mailing lists, attaching the printed piece onto the card stock and hand writing my messages.  This project is running a little late this year as I have been so busy with clients and weddings.

As hundreds of Valentines are being assembled, I organize them in groups of tens.  Every flat surface in my home is quickly filling up with these cards!

It is a Labor of Love…a gift of inspiration, a reminder that this is what life is about – the affinity we foster for one another!

Bundles of Love

These little bundles represent untold hours of care and patience.  This part of the Valentine consists of handmade paper from Korea.  I was delighted that my new Lexmark printer would gently guide them through its rollers with such control.  To my surprise my original artwork was laid down perfectly.  The odd sizes of paper were sent through in very small runs as I was constantly adjusting the feeding tray and layout page.  Then each tiny page was hand cut, each of the four edges of the design was hand dipped in water and rolled into submission for the curled edge effect.  This photo represents about half of the rolled edge/printed part of the Valentine.